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November 2021

Adobe MAX Recap

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Last month, Adobe hosted their annual creativity conference, Adobe MAX. It’s a fun event that often leaves us feeling inspired, so we thought we would share some highlights with you:
You can watch the recordings of all of the sessions for free on the conference website.

Green Light, Red Light, Copyright

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To comply with federal copyright law, please link to readings and resources. For resources behind a paywall, such as many journal articles, we are lucky that the Himmelfarb Health Sciences Library works hard to help provide durable links and will even make them for you.
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Do not upload pdfs or other resources to Blackboard that could be linked. Exceptions are if you authored it yourself or you have permission from the author.
Visit Himmelfarb Library’s Linking to Electronic Resources: Creating Durable Links: Getting Started for instructions and offers of assistance.

Ensure Other Lecturers Can Access Your Blackboard Zoom Sessions

If a co-Instructor will be lecturing in Zoom sessions set up in your Blackboard course, remember they need to initiate their GW Zoom accounts. To initiate a Zoom account, go to and choose “Configure your account”.
If your guest lecturer doesn’t have any GW accounts, send them the “guest link” in the session’s settings.
Best practice? Do a quick test session a day or more before the class with the co-instructor or guest lecturer, using the same computers you will use on the day of the class or event.
Zoom meeting information. Click
🎁 The IMPACT elves are hard at work putting together their annual holiday gift series. Stay tuned! 🎁
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