STAR Net News - May 1, 2019
STAR Net News - May 1, 2019
May 1, 2019
Join Us on July 15th for a Live Webcast Event to Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Apollo 11's Historic Moon Landing!
What was the sequence of this incredible mission?
Where on the Moon did they land? And how did they return safely to Earth?
Join us for a guided recreation of Apollo 11’s journey to see how this mission was executed by crew members and mission control in Houston.
This live webcast is brought to you by the American Museum of Natural History and the STAR Library Network’s NASA@ My Library program.
Favorite STEM Books
We’re collecting suggestions on engaging STEM books to support ongoing learning for all ages. See our suggestions to date – and add your own favorites – through our websites:
  • Browse our book wikis to provide a starting point for updating your STEM collections. Check out the Space Science and Our Moon wikis to celebrate space science this summer, and peruse other resource lists.
  • See the “Related Books” section of every activity on the STEM Activity Clearinghouse to find any suggestions contributed by the STAR Net online community – and submit your own recommendations through the “Suggest a Book” link.
Note: You'll need to login to your free STAR Net account to be able to edit the book wikis. Not registered? Click here.
STAR_Net Webinar Series
Mars in May
Date: Thursday May 2, 2019
Time: 4
pm ET / 3pm CT / 2pm MT / 1pm PT
For those that are unable to attend our live webinars, we will have a recording posted on our website within a day or two after the live presentation. And remember, all webinars are now streamed LIVE on our YouTube channel for times when are webinars are full.
Video: Tonight's Sky - May 2019
In May, we are looking away from the crowded, dusty plane of our own galaxy—toward a region where the sky is brimming with distant galaxies. Locate Virgo to find a concentration of roughly 2,000 galaxies—and search for Coma Berenices to identify many more. Keep watching for space-based views of the galaxies, including the Sombrero Galaxy, M87, and M64.
Connected Science Learning
This month, CSL (Issue 10, Part 1) begins its focus on Serving Youth With Special Needs. Read about an environmental science activity in which general education students work alongside students with special needs to collect data on the health of a local stream. Discover the American Museum of Natural History's program, "Advances in Geosciences", which enhances out-of-school education for new teachers and their students. And don't miss the article "Youth With Disabilities" for practical tips on engaging all students in science.
Hands-on STEM: Earth's Bright Neighbor
In this hands-on STEM Activity, participants explore the sizes and distances of the Earth, Moon, and the Sun by constructing a scale model using a variety of fruits. This activity pairs well with Solar System in my Neighborhood
The STAR Library Network (STAR Net) is a hands-on learning network for libraries and their communities across the country. STAR Net focuses on helping library professionals build their STEM skills by providing “science-technology activities and resources” (STAR) and training to use those resources. Plus, engage public audiences nationwide in informal and lifelong learning with the excitement of exploration and discovery through new NASA@ My Library and Project BUILD resources! 
STAR Net is built upon a strong network of collaborators and partners, led by the Space Science Institute’s (SSI) National Center for Interactive Learning (NCIL). Partners include the American Library Association’s Public Programs Office, Lunar and Planetary Institute, Afterschool Alliance, Education Development Center, Datum Advisors, Cornerstones of Science, and the Pacific Science Center. Major funding is provided by the National Science Foundation, NASA Science Mission Directorate, the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, and the Institute of Museum and Library Services.
STAR Net Blogs

2019 STEM for All Video Showcase

By STAR Net Staff
Your library is invited to take part in a free, interactive, week-long video showcase event that will feature over 200 federally funded projects, of which STAR Net has recently submitted an entry. Voting will take place from May 13th to May 20th.

3D Printing
Boot Camp

By Amy Holcomb
Skokie Public Library has previously offered multiple day programs over school breaks to engage learners in a deeper dive of a specific content. Boot camp style programs tend to do well with higher tech topics like coding.

Make a Hand, Then Try It Out – DIY Robotic Hands

By Luna
Several weeks ago, I had the opportunity to visit another branch and do some programming.  My colleage challenged me to come up with an activity that would get the tweens off of the internet games on the public computers and into the program room for the activity.
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Live Webcast Celebration of Apollo 11 Mission 
Jul. 15, 2019
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