This is a weekly newsletter for faculty and staff at Notre Dame.
This is a weekly newsletter for faculty and staff at Notre Dame.
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Group shot at St. Michael's


Ensuring laundry is sanitized, disinfected, clean

When Jessica Jordan, production manager at St. Michael’s Laundry, was promoted last year, she could not have imagined how much her duties and those of her team would change.
Back then, most of the laundry’s orders came from the Morris Inn, restaurants and events. Now, her team washes medical scrubs from the COVID Response Unit testing center, bedding from quarantine and isolation housing and huge amounts of mops and cleaning towels. (More...)
Photo of Ashley Stokes


Legends restaurant cooks up new business this fall

Ashley Stokes, a server at Legends, is glad the restaurant south of the stadium is open after being closed for four months due to COVID-19. “I just like to make sure everybody is happy all the time." Students are happy, too, because Legends now accepts flex points. That's just one new business opportunity that Operations Manager Kat Lyvers is excited about. (More...


Webinar speaker series considers COVID-19

"Consider this!" is a weekly series on Mondays at 6 p.m. Eastern time that unpacks the science and research behind the pandemic in an accessible manner. “Our goal is to provide an opportunity for those who want to better understand the science behind the pandemic from experts who understand the topics and the complexities best,” said Mary Ann McDowell, Consider This! co-host and associate professor of biological sciences. (More...)
Here graphic that says,
Photo of baby with arm in a sling.


What would you fight for? Fighting to repair the body

When Evan Nichols ’19 was 4 years old, his brother, Ben, suffered a brachial plexus injury at birth, which severed the connection between sensory and motor neurons and the spine. Because the neurons were no longer attached to the spinal cord, he had limited use of his left arm. As an undergraduate, Evan worked on research that could one day benefit people like Ben. His mentor is Cody Smith, an expert in neural development and regeneration, whose lab is largely focused on building a blueprint of a healthy nervous system. (More...)
Photo of a mosquito.


Zika infections found to be drastically underreported  

More than 100 million infections of Zika virus within Central and South America and the Caribbean went undetected between 2015 and 2018, according to a new study. “Fewer than one percent of cases were actually reported and it shows our surveillance systems catch only a small percentage of actual infections,” said Sean Moore, research assistant professor in the Department of Biological Sciences and lead author of the study. (More...)
Photo of stethoscope and laptop computer


Make the most of open enrollment

Open Enrollment for benefits starts Tuesday, Oct. 20, and ends on Friday, Nov. 6. This is an annual opportunity for faculty and staff to reevaluate their benefits and decide which options meet their needs in the year ahead. (More...


Irish Health fair goes virtual this year

Every year, more than 3,000 faculty and staff attend the two-day Irish Health fair to learn more about the University's comprehensive benefits, get their health screenings as well as get massages, free food and the opportunity to win prizes. This year, employees can attend in a virtual format and vendors will host live chats and presentations. (More...)
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