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Happy New Year to the NESA Community!

Hello and Happy New Year to the NESA Community! We hope you have all enjoyed the holidays and are feeling recharged for the new year ahead. While 2022 hasn't exactly started off how we might have hoped it would due to the ever-changing covid-19 situation, we remain confident that if everyone continues to do their part in keeping one another safe, we will be able to move forward and create some fun and enjoyable experiences with one another.   
As always, The North Edmonton Seniors Association remains committed in reporting to you the most up to date news and information that impacts your scheduled activities at the centre. Please ensure to check the website on a regular basis for more updates as the pandemic situation evolves.

Updates to the Restrictions Exemption Program

At this time, NESA intends to proceed as scheduled for the start of its Winter 2022 season (scheduled to commence on Monday, January 10, 2022), provided no new changes or restrictions come into effect after this email has been distributed. 
As a participant of the Restrictions Exemption Program, NESA continues to adhere to the required operational guidelines. The most recent provincial changes implemented December 24, 2021 concerning recreation facilities and the changes to capacity limits, does not impact the NESA Winter 2022 season because the programming team already implemented reduced capacities in all activities and is below the allowable occupancy maximum.
Additionally, NESA will continue to implement social distancing, enhanced cleaning and sanitization protocols, and encourage all patrons to adhere to healthy hand and hygiene habits.
Thank you for doing your part!

Mask wearing at NESA

As mandated by the province, mask-wearing in public facilities including NESA is required at all times (with the exception to when eating and drinking and during approved activities where the mask can be removed temporarily). It is strongly suggested however that masks remain on during the entirety of your visit to places outside of your home. 
As advised by Alberta Health Services, when in public, ensure that your mask is:
Above the nose, fully covering the mouth, and under the chin. 
Please note that face shields are not approved face coverings.
Thank you for your cooperation in helping keep our community safe. 

Register for your Winter '22 Programs before they're CANCELLED!

Haven't signed up for programs yet? Did you plan to join us at NESA for the Winter '22 season? Please don't delay and be sure to sign up today! Enrollment will be reviewed this week and if we haven't met course minimums by the end of the week, we will have to cancel or postpone programs.
Be sure to register and remind your friends to do the same - we want to make sure that all of our programs proceed as scheduled. 

Let's bring back the Choralaires!

The Choralaires has been NESA’s official Choir for many, many years and has been greatly missed. Due to the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, the group hasn’t come together since February 2020.
At first, the intention was to wait until things went back to normal and the group could sing without restrictions. Almost two years later and we are tired of waiting. We miss the singing and the camaraderie. We are willing to carry on with limited restrictions if you are!
The instructors would like to organize a potential program in February, but wanted to confirm that there was enough interest first. The program would resume on Tuesdays, 1-3 pm and will be held at McClure Church [13708 74 St]. If you are interested in returning, or even joining as a new participant, please sign up online [look under Music, Song, and Dance and for the "Choralaires "I'm Interested" List"] or call the front office at 780-496-6969. Please indicate your interest by January 28, 2022.

Attention Pickleball Community!

Did you miss out on NESA'S upcoming Learn to Play Pickleball Program starting January 11? No problem, we have a weekend workshop for you! Join Pickleball Pro Leslie on Saturday, January 15, 2022 from 12:30pm-2:30pm. Leslie will give you the basics to play confidently with like skilled players so wherever you decide to play, you can do so feeling more knowledgeable and prepared for the game!

Please Note: This is a special one-time workshop and the Northgate Lion's auditorium is being rented out on the Saturday just for this learn to play workshop. Limited space available and is open to NESA Members only. Paddles are provided if you don't have your own to bring with you.

Click here to register today!

Three Day Book Sale at NESA!

Join us on January 6, 7 or 8, 2022 for another book sale at NESA! Click here for more details. 

Haven't shown NESA your proof of covid-19 vaccination yet?

Please note that as of November 15, 2021, the only proof of vaccination being accepted at NESA will be the QR Code. As a business participating in the Restrictions Exemption Program, this will be the only proof of vaccination accepted by NESA. [A digital or print-version of the QR code will be accepted, accompanied by your personal identification].
If you have registered for programs for the Winter 2022 season and our records do not indicate that your vaccination status has been updated in our database, you will be contacted and requested to check in at the front desk with your QR Code before the start of your program.
A Message to Members: If you have already shown your vaccination proof to NESA and we have updated your membership records, you will not be required to show proof again (with the exception to events NESA hosts where registration is not required, i.e. Book Sales, etc.,). 

Still haven't signed up for your online NESA account?

Let's get you connected today so you can join in on all the fun!
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Have questions or need technical support?
Please call us at 780-496-6969 or email us today!
Please note that the purchase of a 2022 NESA Membership is not required to gain access to your online account, though it is required for registration.  
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