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Effective water management is essential to survival. The Summer and Fall of 2017 have left no doubt about that. 
Louisiana and New Orleans have approached this problem head on. Louisiana is the only state in the nation that has developed a Coastal Master Plan. And, New Orleans’ cutting edge Urban Water Plan is more relevant than ever.
The expertise we develop in producing and implementing these plans can be utilized by cities around the country who struggle with either too much or too little water. 
This work could be the foundation for a thriving new industry cluster for Southeast Louisiana, but only if we act now to develop the needed supports for a self-sustaining cluster to grow.
Economic development leaders across Southeast Louisiana have begun the work of growing this cluster by – among other things – advocating that more coastal restoration contracts go to Louisiana firms, and working to promote K-12 and higher education curriculum development to support this field.
These are important early steps. However, for our region to develop a world-recognized water management industry, leaders’ efforts need to be guided by a comprehensive set of long-term strategies to develop supports for this cluster — supports that have proven critical in the formation of every cluster driving the country’s prosperous regional economies.
The Coastal Index 2017 provides a roadmap for how leaders can build on strengths and address weaknesses to create a self-sustaining water management cluster for Louisiana. Philanthropy, government, higher education, researchers, investors, and economic development leaders all have a role to play.
Today we release an infographic that succinctly conveys how we can develop a self-sustaining water management cluster.

Check it out at:

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