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New Faces in High Places

Micki Kidder

Get to know Micki Kidder, the new vice president of a new division, University Enterprises and Events. Kidder oversees campus dining and catering, events ranging from Commencement to concerts, and enterprises that include the Morris Inn, McKenna Hall, the Hammes Notre Dame Bookstore, Cedar Grove Cemetery, St. Michael’s Laundry and licensing. (More…)

University News

Endowment pool has made a Notre Dame education possible for thousands more students

When Elizabeth Zapf, senior financial analyst with the Snite Museum of Art, heard the U.S. Treasury is seeking public input until Oct. 1 about the excise tax that will affect universities like Notre Dame, she posted this: “These universities have carefully and intentionally built up their endowments so that their income provides extensive financial aid to talented young people who could not otherwise afford such an education without incurring crippling debt ..." (More...)

ND Innovates

NDWorks is an ND Innovates success story

Cindy Sachire, associate director of University budgeting and financial planning, submitted an idea to ND Innovates that NDWorks go digital. The proposal mirrored other reader comments. So Internal Communications introduced a weekly e-newsletter and reduced printing to just six times a year. (More...)

Community News

Alumni Association launches online learning community 

ThinkND features free videos, podcasts, articles and courses delivered by Notre Dame faculty and experts and curated by the Alumni Association in one convenient location. (More...)


Engineering lymphatic vessels to heal the heart

Lymphatic vessels are critical to the heart’s ability to heal in the event of a heart attack. The vessels drain excess fluid that can cause swelling, and carry immune cells that can regulate inflammation and fight infection. Donny Hanjaya-Putra, assistant professor in the Department of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering and the Bioengineering Graduate Program, will use biomaterials and stem cells to regenerate lymphatic vessels and study their potential for therapeutic applications. (More...)


Psychologist receives NIH grant to help pregnant women 

Women are most likely to experience violence from their intimate partners when they are young — and when they are pregnant. There's a lack of effective, evidence-based interventions to support the mother and child. Laura Miller-Graff, an assistant professor of psychology and peace studies, is working to change that. A $2.5 million grant from the National Institutes of Health will help her launch and evaluate an intervention program for pregnant women. (More...)

Professional Development

Sharpen your computer skills with OIT's October classes

Do you want to learn a computer application or tool that could enhance your work? Looking for a process solution? OIT has a class for you. (More...)


Sheri Van Overberghe invested in her health and won $400

The custodial services employee scheduled her health screening and was automatically entered into the weekly Human Resources raffle, which she won! Register for your confidential and free screening. (More...)


Try a Vietnamese- or Korean-inspired burger!

Star Ginger in the Duncan Student Center has some new dishes, including burgers at dinnertime.
The Banh Mi burger, pictured, is a Vietnamese take on the classic American burger. It’s served with Sriracha aioli, pickled carrot, cucumber, jalapeño and fresh cilantro. The Korean burger also features Sriracha aioli and fresh cilantro, as well as spicy Korean chili sauce, kimchi, cucumbers and fried egg. Burgers are served 4-8 p.m. (Click for menu.)
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