Delicious Thanksgiving Sides

Featured on Feed Me Vegan Episode 15

World's Best Mac N Cheese

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serves 6-8

16 oz. macaroni noodles or shells
1 small onion, diced
1 1/4 Cups almond milk
2 Tbsp. flour
1 tsp. onion powder
1 tsp. garlic powder
1 tsp. ground mustard
1 tsp. sea salt
1/4 tsp. black pepper
8 oz. Daiya shredded cheddar cheese
3 Tbsp. Earth Balance or margarine
3 Tbsp. Tofutti sour cream

Smoked Paprika
Italian Seasonings

Preheat the oven to 425°.

Cook pasta according to package directions.

Meanwhile, saute the onions in a bit of water until they are lightly browned.  Set aside.

In a medium saucepan over medium-low heat, warm one cup of the almond milk.  While the milk is warming whisk the flour and the other 1/4 of a cup of milk in a small bowl.  Add it to the warmed milk and whisk.  Add the seasonings and whisk.  Add the Daiya cheese and continue whisking until melted and blended.  

Remove from the heat and stir in the Earth Balance and Tofutti sour cream.

Add the sauce and onions to the drained macaroni and stir. Also delicious with added broccoli or peas.  

Place in a lightly greased 9″ x 13″ pan. Sprinkle with smoked paprika, italian seasoning, and breadcrumbs if desired. Cover with foil.  Bake for 20 minutes. Remove foil and bake another 10 minutes.

Sweet Potato Casserole
originally featured on Food Network, veganized by Suzie V Homemaker

5 medium sweet potatoes, scrubbed
4 bananas, unpeeled
1 cup (2 sticks) Earth Balance or coconut oil, at room temperature
1/4 cup maple syrup or agave nectar
Kosher salt
1/2 cup all-purpose flour
3/4 cup dark brown sugar
1 1/2 cups pecans, chopped


Preheat the oven to 375 degrees F.

Prick the sweet potatoes all over with a fork, put them in a roasting pan and roast for 30 minutes. Toss the bananas into the pan and continue roasting for 10 to 15 minutes, until both the bananas and potatoes are very soft. Remove the pan from the oven but don't turn the oven off.

When the potatoes are cool enough to handle, scoop out the flesh into a large mixing bowl. Peel the bananas and add them to the bowl along with 1 stick of the vegan butter, and the sweetener. Season with salt and beat vigorously with a wooden spoon until everything's well combined and the mixture is fluffy. Spoon into an oven-proof serving bowl and smooth the top.

In a separate mixing bowl, use your fingers to rub together the remaining stick of vegan butter, the brown sugar, flour, and pecans until the mixture is the consistency of coarse crumbs. Sprinkle the crumb mixture over the sweet potatoes and return to the oven. Cook for about 20 minutes, until the crumbs are golden. Serve hot.

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