Tagging Milestones for Killin' Time II, Thomas Flyer, and Wam-Jam
Tagging Milestones for Killin' Time II, Thomas Flyer, and Wam-Jam

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Killin' Time II Tagged 4,000th Dolphin!
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When you set out from Cudjoe Key, FL, aboard Killin' Time II with Don Gates, you are destined to tag and release a small dolphin.  Two weeks ago today, angler Chris Whitley did just that and witnessed Gates tag and release his 4000th dolphin!  He joined more than 70 other anglers who have helped him to surpass this incredible milestone since Gates started tagging for the DRP in 2002.  Since then, Gates, along with three of his closest fishing aficionados, Allen Lewis, Darryl Williams, and Rich Benton, have been responsible for the majority of tag deployments and 180 tag recoveries have been generated from their effort.  While documenting the movements and life history patterns of dolphin are their main goals, the Killin' Time II fishing team prides itself on exposing new anglers to the proper methods to tag and release small dolphin, the fun involved in tagging, and the
"Since I began fishing for dolphin in the Keys in the 90s, we would catch larger dolphin more often than today. This concerns me because if there were not any dolphin, then I would not be an offshore fisherman. So, we got involved in the Dolphinfish Research Program to help conserve and improve our understanding of the species for future generations." - Captain Don Gates
reasons to get involved in tagging.  Hence,  in 2018, we documented Killin' Time II surpass 3000 tagged dolphin (click here for that video) and produced a short how-to-tag dolphin video (click here to watch) with outings sponsored by the team.  In addition, over the past several years, the team has assisted in educational DRP seminars with the Scouts of America at Florida Sea Base and sponsored outings to deploy CCA FL STAR tags, thus providing further evidence of their dedication to the craft of tagging and conservation and research of dolphin.  As a result, Killin' Time II's dolphin data is a comprehensive offshore private recreational angler dataset and in this month's edition of our newsletter we examine it in detail.  Click the image or button below to read more.  
Killin' Time II's Dolphin Data
Killin' Time II's dolphin data collection revealed both local and regional short and long-distance movements throughout the WCA.  We arranged their data collection into ten separate sections based on specific attributes that relate to the recoveries and data this vessel generates.  Click here or the button below to read more. 
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Thomas Flyer Approaching 3000th Tagged Mahi!
In the charter vessel category, Captain Jimbo Thomas and his brother, Rick, who operate the Miami-based charter boat Thomas Flyer just surpassed 2,850 dolphin tagged for the DRP this past month!  Captain Thomas tagged his first dolphin for the DRP in 2005, and it took 370 outings with an average of 8 fish released per outing to amass 2,850 releases.  A total of 32 fish have been recovered from their effort.  Each year, the Thomas Flyer averages 170 dolphin tagged. Their best year was  2007 when they tagged 342 dolphin.  The average size fish they release is 18.44 inches, but 10 percent are actually larger than Florida’s legal limit with some dolphin tagged and released as large as 30 inches.  Congratulations to the Thomas Flyer fishing team and thank you for your participation! 

500 Tagged for Wam-Jam!
Another private recreational vessel, Wam-Jam, owned and operated by David Wamer and Charlie Jamison, recently tagged and released their 500th fish off Marathon, Florida, which puts them among a half dozen other private vessels that have dedicated time while fishing offshore to tag more than 500 dolphin for the DRP.  Congratulations Team Wam-Jam and thank you for your participation! 

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Help our tagging program continue to grow and advance data collection on dolphin.  There are two ways to support our effort.  You can make a tax-deductible donation to the Beyond Our Shores Foundation (click here to donate) or purchase a kit, shirt/hat in our online shop (click here to shop).   

June Tagging and Recapture Activity

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