Protect your devices and get the support you need, when you need it.
Protect your devices and get the support you need, when you need it.

When You Count on Device Performance

You need the security of knowing your eqiupment is protected to minimize downtime and lost productivity.  We often recommend supplementing the standard manufacturer warranty with a service package that can offer you support when and how you need it.  For Zebra devices, that support is OneCare. With three options to choose from, you have your choice of services to keep your fleet of Zebra devices up and running:
  • Comprehensive coverage
  • Accidental damage, plus normal wear and tear
  • 8x5 local time live-agent support
  • 3-day repair turnaround time
  • Device diagnostics for mobile computers
  • ...And more
Download the OneCare Fact Sheet, then contact us for details and pricing. 

Moving Your Systems to the Cloud?  Consider Barcom's Hosting Service.

With many of our customers already utilizing our cloud service offering with transACTION (Barcom's inventory tracking and warehouse management software tool), we are now offering hosting services to any business interested in moving their on-premise server to the cloud.
  • Predicable Expense
  • Scalable to Meet Your Needs
  • Data Center Security
  • Easy to Manage
Creating your own cloud strategy can be complex without the tools and experience to prepare for various scenarios.  Contact us for details and pricing and see how we can offer true, enterprise-class cloud infrastructure. 
Explore Barcom Hosting Services

Disinfecting Devices is Just as Important as Washing Your Hands

Social distancing, daily temperature taking, and proper hygiene practices are becoming the new normal for businesses.  Shared devices are prime targets for contracting viruses. Although disinfecting is important, when equipment like handheld scanners, mobile computers and industrial tablets are cleaned frequently, the plastic housing can get dried out and crack if inappropriate cleaning agents are used.  Luckily, all it takes is a little education and you can limit problems with your devices.
Consider 'disinfectant-ready' housing, which is designed to be cleaned regularly (i.e., in a healthcare environment) and can stand up to the regimens and requirements to limit the spread of viruses like the flu and COVID-19.   
Follow manufacturer cleaning guidelines.  We recommend reading this blog from Zebra covering specific instructions to clean Zebra products.  
Cleaning Tips for Zebra Mobile & Handheld Scanners
*NOTE* Each manufacturer has specific guidelines based on the type of materials their products contain, so if you are using other than a Zebra product, contact us and we'll send you instructions for your specific make and model.

Need Support? Contact our Remote Helpdesk.

Think it's impossible to diagnose a barcode printer problem over the phone? Can't get your mobile computer to respond?  Contact our support team and we'll explore the situation together.
Request our Live Remote Helpdesk
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