Volcano Video, Travel Tips, Social Media Scams, and Ice Cream Pie 5 Ways
Volcano Video, Travel Tips, Social Media Scams, and Ice Cream Pie 5 Ways
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  July 2021  
Summer meet up
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Insane Baserunning
People in the stadium couldn't believe what they were seeing! Watch the moves of Javier Báez of the Chicago Cubs.
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Drone Crashes into Volcano
The exploding lava fountain of this Iceland volcano is filmed by a drone in this amazing display of nature's power.
What Do Internet Speed Tests Provide?

speed test With the push of a button, speed test sites such as speedtest.net will quickly display your download and upload speeds, and will often tell you about your latency or ping as well. It is best to have a direct connection with an ethernet cable and a quiet day to know the most accurate results. Download and upload speeds are measured in megabits per second (Mbps). Latency, commonly referred to as ping, is the amount of time it takes for your device to receive the data that it requests. A fast ping means a more responsive connection, which is especially important in applications such as video games.

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Keeping Your Devices Safe This Summer

computer vision The hot and humid days of summer are here! This could spell danger for your electronic devices. Most devices have been designed to work within safe temperature ranges. If they are exposed or used in temperatures outside of this safe range, you could experience problems such as data loss or your device slowing down.

Here are some tips to keep you devices safe this summer:

Overheating Devices

According to Apple Support, the ideal temperature for an iPhone or iPad is between 32º to 95ºF if you use your devices in temperatures hotter than that you could run the risk of permanent damage.

Most laptops are good in temperatures of 50º to 95ºF anything hotter than this is asking for trouble. Laptop batteries are not heat-friendly and the components of your hard drive might expand causing permanent damage.

How To Protect Your Devices
  • Never place your devices in direct sunlight or leave in a hot unattended car. It's best to keep them in the air conditioning or near a fan.
  • Keep it clean, there are fans and other equipment in your computer designed to keep them cool.
  • Turn off services you're not using. These services are just using up your battery as well as having your phone work overtime.
Lonely Planet  
Lonely Planet
Ready to go on vacation again? Explore this site for the latest travel news plus inspiration on where to go and when.
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This resource has it all — radar and maps, videos, severe weather warnings, and your local forecast and air quality.
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On This Day  
On This Day
Calling all history buffs! Find out what key events in news, entertainment, and sports took place on this day in past years.
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13 Unique Hot Dog Recipes
July is Hot Dog Month, and you'll find creative and delicious ways to serve them in this "hot diggity dog" recipe video.
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Ice Cream Pie 5 Ways
We dare you not to head straight to the store for ingredients after you watch these ice cream pie variations being made.
"If It Fits, I Sits"
What's the banana doing here? This tabby wants a clean empty bowl to curl up in and will do whatever it takes.

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Have Fun and Get Moving Have Fun and Get Moving Have Fun and Get Moving  
Have Fun and Get Moving
As this video demonstrates, there are all kinds of ways to work your muscles and enjoy time with friends, regardless of age.
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7 DIY Headboard Ideas
You'll be surprised how easy it can be to make your own headboard. One of these ideas uses only colored tape!
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Make a Custom Outdoor Rug
Take an inexpensive solid rug and add a customized design using paint and stencils. Your patio will be transformed.
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