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March 22, 2016
Are there wholes in your cart?
Want to eat healthier? There’s a quick way to keep an eye on your nutritional habits — look at what’s in your shopping cart. Before you check out, survey the items you have. Are there mostly whole foods in your basket? Or, are there more processed foods? It can be hard to tell sometimes. Here’s how to spot the difference and make healthier choices:
  • Whole foods:
    - Are in or close to their natural state like milk, produce and raw meats
    - Are minimally processed or unprocessed
    - Have very few added ingredients
    - Often spoil faster
  • Processed foods:
    - Have been changed from their natural state like potato chips, juice drinks and chicken nuggets
    - Can include many added ingredients, some are hard to recognize and pronounce
    - Usually have a long shelf life

A coach is here to help you in making those healthier choices. Find out more about coaching. 

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