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Michael Buckley

Hormone Solutions Update December 2014

Dear Dr Customer
With the end of 2014 just around the corner it is time to reflect on what a  busy year it has been for Lawley Pharmaceuticals.
In May we exhibited at the 14th World Menopause Congress in Mexico. AndroFeme received a huge amount of positive feedback from doctors attending the congress for being the worlds only clinically trialled, safe, effective and regulated testosterone cream for women. Australia leads the way in testosterone research for women and the world congress provided a fantastic forum to share our knowledge and experience.
Several important guidelines and reviews were released during 2014. The first, a review of testosterone use in men by the European Medicines Agency, found that correctly prescribed testosterone does not increase the risk of heart issues. This review was called for after negative press appeared in late 2013 and earlier this year. In fact it is widely acknowledged that men with low testosterone may have an incresed risk of heart disease and diabetes, the full article can be found below.
Guidelines for the use of testosterone for women were published from two sources in 2014, the first in the journal Climacteric, 'A Practitioner's Toolkit For Managing The Menopause', the second from the Endocrine Society. Both these guidelines give doctors clear clinical stragies to manage women with low libido and/or low testosterone.
Please also note that we have had a change to our online ordering address, see below for more details.
I wish you all a safe and happy Christmas and New Year, and as always, if you have any questions feel free to contact me directly via email at
Yours sincerely
Michael Buckley
CEO / Medical Director / Pharmacist
We would like to advise our valued customers that the ordering cart page address for our international shipping agens (ILS Ltd) has changed.
The new cart address is:

If you are ordering from the link to the cart page will take place automatically.
Also if you previously ordered from this has been changed to,
If you have saved us in your favourites please update now to continue ordering.
Its business as usual, orders are being processed and shipped daily!
New guidelines have been released by the Endocrine Society recommending a trial of testosterone therapy for women suffering from hypoactive sexual desire disorder. Read more.....
The European Medcines Agency conducted a review of available data with regards to testosterone and heart problems. Read more.....
Low testosterone clinics in the US has seen a record $2.4 billion spent on prescription testosterone according to Time magazine. Read more....
Progesterone was all the rage for osteoporosis a few decades ago so where does it stand today? Read more.....
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New Staff Member
International Shipping Details
Scrotal Application of Testosterone
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Meet Our Newest Staff Member
Helen has joined the team here at Hormone Solutions as our bookeeper and administration assistant. Helen moved from England to Australia in 2006 and enjoys the fantastic weather we have here in Perth to pursue her hobbies of swimming and walking. We look forward to continuing to work with Helen and her bright sunny smile in the New Year!
Our international shipping agent, ILS Ltd, have continued to provide a wonderful service and the feedback from customers has been full of praise for their attention to detail. 

"... Saul (at ILS) has provided great service and amazing fast shipping (may even be faster than Lawley). An outstanding product from an outstanding manufacturer, distributed by a customer service-driven company: a formula for success and happy customers of which I am one. Thanks Saul and continued success. — Hugh (Florida)"

Canadian Online Ordering

Our international shipping agent does not ship to Canada. For Canadians wishing to order online please  click here or on the flag and goods will be shipped direct from Australia.
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