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Alumni Newsletter
Volume 30 - 2019-2020

Note from the Chair

Welcome to Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering at Miami University. We have a long tradition of undergraduate teaching excellence to be the most student focused mechanical engineering program in partnership with our students, alums, industry and government.  Our students and alumni solve grand challenges and improve quality of life with their socially engaged engineering and computing.

We aspire to deliver advanced educational experience, with a socially relevant, broad liberal foundation, for the ever-changing needs of the profession, including industry, government, and graduate school. The future of work is changing at a fast pace; engineers of the future will need to develop and work with technologies with broad and deep impact in society. Engineering education needs to prepare our workforce to be hands-on, passionate, deep thinking, ethically driven and highly engaged in social challenges. These are grand challenges.

At MME, a key ingredient has been our focus on hands-on, active learning experience in a rich laboratory (experiential learning) environment. Our faculty engage in collaborative, multi-disciplinary research where our students participate in solving real world engineering challenges. We have revamped our curriculum to include design, development and problem solving from an applied perspective while adding a renewed emphasis on engineering fundamentals. This within the context Miami University, can make our engineering graduates leaders of tomorrow.

In our focus on student experience, we strive to provide at least one transformative experience for each MME student and look to expand our experiential learning opportunities in collaboration with Industry. We also want to celebrate our alumni success such as Greg Shendel ’10 (Tesla) who was recently recognized as an 18 of the last 9 honoree. To read more about Greg, visit the Alumni Associations 18 of the last 9 Award page

I thank you for your support of MME and invite you to visit us. Please contact our department at (513)529-0710 or if you would like additional information about our programs.

Love and Honor,
Amit Shukla
Professor and Chair (Interim)

Greg Shendel '10 posing with his Tesla

Greg Shendel '10
EWB Four Seal Awards 2019
EWB Honored with four SEAL Awards
Recently, Engineers without Borders (EWB) were awarded four SEAL awards for their leadership and hard work over the last year.
The Student Engagement and Leadership (SEAL) Awards is a ceremony recognizing the dedication and hard work of various student organizations, as well as members and advisors of student organizations each year. Engineers without Borders received Outstanding Multicultural Event for an Evening with Engineers without Borders, the Rising Leader award for the Rwanda Program Manager Sophie Dent, the Student Leader of the Year award for the former local outreach chair, Lexie Adams, and finally the Organization of the Year award.
Gillian Murphy, the Vice President of EWB, explained why EWB was able to stand out against other organizations on campus. “I think that EWB stood out from other organizations because we work extremely hard to stay true to our mission and vision of building a better world through engineering projects that empower communities to meet their basic human needs and equip leaders to solve the world’s most pressing challenges.” 
This great success does not stop EWB from furthering their success in the future. Through the diverse set of projects that EWB complete, EWB is able to have a further impact on communities worldwide. “EWB is always working hard to not only improve international communities, but also our campus and local communities. We are currently working with Zero Waste Oxford to create compost bins for the Miami University Institute for Food Farm,” explained Murphy. We cannot wait to see the continued positive impact that EWB shows through all of their hard work.
Murphy wanted to thank EWB’s mentors for their constant support, and without their guidance these awards would not be possible.
Baja Team Pictures
RedHawk Racing Competes in Midnight Mayhem
Miami University’s RedHawk Racing team traveled to Louisville, Kentucky on September 20, and 21, 2019 to compete in the annual Midnight Mayhem. The event is advertised as the world’s largest exhibition race for Baja SAE vehicles and is the only race to be held at night. There are 70+ universities featuring 93 student built vehicles which compete in various events like maneuverability, acceleration, and the endurance race which has drivers circling the track for four hours. New this year for the Midnight Mayhem organization is a move to the 30+ acre Drop Forge Proving Grounds. This space is completely customized for the event located right in the heart of Louisville.

The RedHawk Racing team went to Louisville optimistic with high expectations of how they would perform. This year’s car, Voodoo Child (#170), had some success in testing, however, it was no prediction for how well the team would do. The first part of this event was on Friday, September 20th with technical inspections regarding safety, performance and adherence to the event rules. The drivers were also testing in “egress” which is a measure of how quickly they can get out of the car. Each driver must be under five seconds to pass the egress test. Miami’s team had no problem passing all of their preliminary tests.

Saturday, September 21st began the main competitive events. The team felt that lead driver, David Pearl, and Voodoo Child were ready for competition. The team performed very well in some of the performance testing of the car. They placed in the mid-twenties in maneuverability and 49th in acceleration, this determined the grid position for the four hour endurance race which would run from 8:00pm to 12:00am Saturday night.

David and Voodoo Child started the race fast, passing three other cars before the first corner. At that point, a yellow flag caused a bottleneck of cars that slowed progress. Once the green flag was dropped, the fast pace paid off allowing the team to make up 40 more places before the first pit stop. Once the leaders stopped for their pit stops, David made it to first place and stayed there for the next three hours.

With only five minutes left in the endurance race, Voodoo Child’s throttle cable broke. Luckily, they had built up a two lap lead. They were able to fix the throttle cable and end up with an impressive 2nd Place in the endurance race. This also helped to place the team in an overall 2nd Place in points for the competition. Alex Davenport, sophomore team member, reflected on the experience by stating, “The team is very proud of how we performed this weekend and are looking forward to a future of winning. This weekend was a testament to the speed and durability of our car, as well as the capabilities of our team!”

When asked what is up next, David Pearl stated, “The team is motivated for our next race in the spring; we will not suffer a failure such as this again.” Karl Reiff, MME Lab Coordinator, leads the team and was quoted as saying “For 15 years, the team has been working diligently at improving the performance of our car by building upon the work that was accomplished by previous teams. When we started all those years ago, we tended to finish in the lower echelons of the competitions. It is great to see all the hard work over the years pay off for a near win for Miami. The sophistication of the current design is very impressive resulting in the students developing their abilities in not only engineering but in team dynamics. This will give them a considerable head start in their professional careers.”

The Mechanical and Manufacturing Department are extremely proud of the performance of the RedHawk Racing team during Midnight Mayhem and look forward to seeing what the team will accomplish in the future.

If you or your employer are interested in becoming a sponsor for the RedHawk Racing team, please contact Karl Reiff ( 

*Save the Date*
Redhawk Racing Inaugural Reunion
August 08, 2020

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Amit Shukla, Jeong-Hoi Koo, Marek Dollar. Arthur Olson Teaching Award
Arthur Olson Generational Teaching Excellence Award
This year’s Arthur Olson Generational Teaching Excellence Award was awarded to Jeong-Hoi Koo, Professor of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering. Dr. Koo has been with the MME department since 2005 and has shown leadership in developing study abroad programs in South Korea. He is also an advisor for Miami-KAIST student exchange program, as well as advised over 50 students in independent study and over 100 students in senior capstone focusing on global and humanitarian impacts.

Marek Dollar, Christy Perry-Owens, Amit Shukla. Dean's award for excellence in service
Dean’s Award for Excellence in Service
Christy Perry-Owens, Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering Department Administrative Assistant, was awarded the 2019 Dean’s Award for Excellence in Service. Christy is the face of the department to students and visitors. In this role, she performs a variety of administrative and clerical tasks to support the MME department. Christy is a resource not only for MME, but for all of the College of Engineering and Computing and she takes pride in her work and service to the department.

Justin Ye, Assistant Professor, MME
2019 Miami University Junior Faculty Scholar Award
The Junior Faculty Scholar Award honors a university faculty member who has demonstrated great potential in research or artistry and has achieved significant standing in their field. One of the 2018-2019 honorees was MME Assistant Professor, Dr. Zhijiang (Justin) Ye. Dr. Ye

joined the MME department in 2016 and has since proved to be an outstanding researcher in the area of tribology. He has published more than 25 peer-reviewed articles, including seven since he has been at Miami. He is currently the co-PI on a grant from the OH Department of Higher Education grant  on Robotics in the Work Force as well as an NSF grant for his research in atomic scale friction.

2018 State of Ohio Excellence in Education Honoree
Dr. Kumar Singh is among five educators at Miami University recognized as the 2018 State of Ohio Excellence in Education honoree. This honor was established in 2003 by Ohio Magazine as a way for Ohio colleges and universities to recognize their school’s outstanding educators.

Dr. Singh has been teaching at Miami since 2006. In 2017, He was recognized with both the CEC Outstanding Research Award and the CEC Outstanding Teaching Excellence Award for his work both inside and outside the classroom. Dr. Singh has given so much to Miami, we are proud to see him recognized on a higher level. 

MME Organizes Summer Professional Workshops
Innovation, resourcefulness and community engagement marked MME’s offering of new summer professional workshops for departments of the US Airforce (Wright Patterson AFB) and Navy (Maryland).  The goal of the workshops is to improve the effectiveness of the military staff in understanding and responding to manufacturing related issues they encounter. The MME labs offer a broad range of manual and advanced automated materials and manufacturing equipment.  Leveraging these resources, MME personnel Karl Reiff and Fazeel Khan collaborated with AFRL staff to develop two workshops, each a week long, to train their staff in specialized manufacturing operations.  The fact that the technical content could be tailored to meet the specific needs of the AFRL with value added from the expertise of the MME staff and range of equipment, have made MME a preferred location for this specialized military training.  The immersion approach of the workshops featured a daily hands-on format with teams selecting, sequencing and performing manufacturing processes to complete specific parts/assemblies.

Giancarlo Corti Research
Featured Research
Dr. Giancarlo Corti
We are dedicated to engineering material interfaces by growing hierarchical nanostructures and tailoring their functional groups.  Collaborative and applied research in the areas of composite materials and low surface energy coatings are our primary focus. In the field of composite materials, carbon-epoxy composites are being engineered to stand higher operational temperatures while maintaining its mechanical properties, and we are evaluating, in collaboration with the Air Force Academy, the effects that metal-oxides fillers have on mechanical and materials properties of 3D-printed PVDF parts. In collaboration with the Biology Department, a nanostructured coating of titanium dioxide to improve hydroxyapatite deposition and osteoblast proliferation in prosthetic implants is being developed. Finally, a collaborative effort with Dr. Andrew Sommers was recently awarded a research grant from the Petroleum Research Fund of the American Chemical Society to improve the condensation Heat Transfer Performance by promoting dropwise condensation of hydrocarbons.

Boldly Creative in MME
To support the Boldly Creative Strategic Academic Enrichment Initiative at Miami University (MU), the College of Engineering has proposed a project, “Realign Engineering Programs for the new Industrial Landscape:”, which aims to create new and diverse educational avenues. This project is led by professors Fazeel Khan and Kumar Singh of MME department, and seeks to enhance the level of technical preparedness of the workforce (students and industrial professionals) by aligning our engineering programs to industry needs in the Industry 4.0 landscape (robotics, automation, and advanced manufacturing). In particular, MME department is designing a range of customizable curricular pathways featuring stackable professional badges, micro-credentials, and customized workshops for experiential learning, leading to a potential graduate certificate in Advanced Materials and Manufacturing area. In addition to attracting a diverse student body, the project will serve the specialized needs of modern industry.

Swagelok Scholars Banquet
2019 Swagelok Scholars
The first cohort of Swagelok Scholars were recognized in 2019. This scholarship goes to a total of nine students in Supply Chain, Mechanical or Manufacturing majors annually. Recipients from MME were:  Sarah Herbruck (MCH), Minh Hoang (MFG), Fred Roberts (MCH), Ayusha Saraswat (MCH), Josiah Sawyer (MCH). The students recently gathered with Swagelok representatives for dinner. Congratulations to all the recipients. 

New MME Faculty 2019-2020

Yingbin Hu, Assistant Professor, MME
Dr. Yingbin Hu – Assistant Professor
Dr. Yingbin Hu joined the MME faculty as an assistant professor in August 2019. He received his Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering from Texas Tech University and his Master’s. Degree in Manufacturing Engineering from University of Texas-Rio Grande Valley. He earned his Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Shandong University. Dr. Hu’s research interests lie in the broad areas of additive manufacturing, materials processing, and advanced machining. Specifically, his research focuses on (1) additive manufacturing of composites, ceramics, and biomaterials, (2) ultrasonic vibration-assisted laser additive manufacturing, (3) laser alloying of metallic materials, and (4) rotary ultrasonic machining of hard materials. Dr. Hu has reviewed many manuscripts from journals and conferences, such as International Journal of Mechanical Science, Composites Part B, and Ceramics International.
Jinjuan She, Assistant Professor, MME
Dr. Jinjuan She – Assistant Professor
Dr. Jinjuan She joined the MME faculty in July of 2019 as an assistant professor. Dr. She earned her Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering and a minor in Statistics from Iowa State University in December 2013. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Design and Manufacturing (2007) and Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering (2009) both from Wuhan University, China. After graduation, she worked in industry for about 5 years, with a focus on human-centered design, at INVIA Medical Imaging Solutions and MATHWORKS. She conducts design research at the intersection of engineering and psychology, interests include: design theory and methodologies, human-product/technology interactions, consumer decision making, sustainable design, and cognitive learning in engineering class.
Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering
Faculty/Staff 2019-2020

Amit Shukla, Ph.D., University of Cincinnati, Interim Department Chair,
Christy Perry-Owens, A.B., Miami University, Administrative Assistant,
Timothy M. Cameron, Ph.D., Carnegie Mellon University, Professor,
Edgar Caraballo, Ph.D., The Ohio State University, Assistant Teaching Professor,
James Chagdes, Ph.D., Purdue University, Assistant Professor,
Ryan Clark, Ph.D., Western Michigan University, Visiting Assistant Professor,
Giancarlo Corti, Ph.D., University of Idaho, Assistant Professor,
Anna Dollár, Ph.D., Krakow University of Technology, Professor,
B. Carter Hamilton, Ph.D., Georgia Institute of Technology, Associate Professor,
Yingbin Hu, Ph.D., Texas Tech University, Assistant Professor,
Muhammad Jahan, Ph.D., National University of Singapore, Assistant Professor,
Fazeel Khan, Ph.D., Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Professor,
Jeong-Hoi Koo, Ph.D., Virginia Tech, Professor,
Paul Lee, Ph.D., University of Cincinnati, Visiting Assistant Professor,
Bradley Martin, B.S, Miami University, Lab Technician,
Ruby Mawasha, Ph.D., University of Akron, Visiting Assistant Professor,
Mostafa Modir Routsa, M.B.A., HEC Montreal, Instructor,
James Moller, Ph.D., Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Associate Professor,
David Munday, Ph.D., University of Cincinnati, Associate Professor,
Karl Reiff, M.Ed., Miami University, Lab Coordinator,
John Richter, M.S., University of Dayton, Assistant Clinical Lecturer,
Jinjuan She, Ph.D., Iowa State University, Assistant Professor,
Mark Sidebottom, Ph.D., Lehigh University, Assistant Professor,
Kumar Singh, Ph.D., Louisiana State University, Professor,
Andrew Sommers, Ph.D., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Associate Professor,
Justin Ye, Ph.D., University of California-Merced, Assistant Professor,
Mehdi Zanjani, Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania, Assistant Professor, 

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