Recreational Carp Fishing Gains Popularity
Recreational Carp Fishing Gains Popularity
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Born and raised in Harney County and enrolled with the Burns Paiute Tribe Tracy Kennedy is the first in her family to go to and graduate from college. She attended Haskell Indian Nation University in Kansas with the goal to finish her education at University of Oregon which she did. While studying business and taking required classes she fell in love with economics and immediately began to think about how she could apply what she was learning to benefit her Burns Paiute Tribe community. "I fell in love with economics, how it was taught, what it could do for you and how some countries are more progressive than others and I took that framework and am applying it to the Tribe. Thinking about why some tribes are more progressive, more successful, more stable than other tribes, that got me excited." READ MORE. 
*October 8 & 9 Rural Development Initiative's hosted their Regards 2 Rural virtual conference to discuss "rural priorities" and much more. One session Tracy participated in was Entrepreneurship for an Inclusive Economy. This is worth watching for anyone interested in entrepreneurial develpment programs in Latino and Tribal communities.
Pictured: Tracy Kennedy, Burns Paiute Tribe Community and Economic Development Coordinator.

Harney County Wildfire Collaborative and Megafire Prevention

Harney County has experienced megafires in the past and is learning from those experiences. In 2014 HDP convened the Harney County Wildfire Collaborative and the short film below provides insights into this working group and their megafire prevention efforts. Click the arrow to watch.

Every Farm and Every Community Needs A Team

The latest blog from HDP Executive Director Brenda Smith; learning leadership from two tons of horse, Rudy and Sparky. Read it here.

Recreational Carp Fishing Gains Popularity

The common carp doesn’t have the best reputation in North America. In Harney County specifically, carp are considered an invasive species that populate Malheur Lake and are partially responsible for the murky state of the water. In fact, a Carp Derby and Carp Round-Ups are held annually to lessen the carp population to help rehabilitate the lake. And, recreational carp fishing is making its own small dent. Brian O’Keefe, a professional fly fisherman who lives in Vale, has noted a distinct shift in the way carp are viewed in the fly fishing community. “The reason why there has been an uptick in popularity for fly fishing for carp is because they’re very, very hard to catch,” he said. Read more. This link takes to the Resources page of the Harney Basin Wetlands Collaborative where you'll find the article, Recreational Carp Fishing Gains Popularity.
Pictured: California resident Amanda Ponti on a fishing vacation to Harney County with a carp she caught at Malheur National Wildlife Refuge.

Mentor Match Teen Entrepreneurship Program

This program began in 2019 with a pilot run and it's back offering Harney County teens an educational program to help move their ideas from purely ideas to developing businesses. Find much more about this program including how to apply, HERE.

Harney Internship Program

The Harney Internship Program is designed to enrich and inspire high school-aged students in discovering local career opportunities. The program aims to cultivate a homegrown workforce, motivated and prepared to pursue fruitful careers in a range of industries right here in Harney County. Find much more about this program including how students can apply for an internship and businesses can register their business to offer an internship, HERE.
 2020 Upcoming Events 
Thursday, November 5 | Wet Meadow Technical Workshop Day One
Wednesday, November 18 | High Desert Partnership Board Meeting
Wednesday, November 18 | Harney County Restoration Collaborative Meeting
Thursday, November 19 | Harney County Wildfire Collaborative
Tuesday, December 8 & Wednesday, December 9 | Sage Grouse Conservation Partnership Summit
Monday, December 14 & Tuesday, December 15 | Invasive Annual Grass Workshop
Wednesday, December 16 | High Desert Partnership Board Meeting
*All meetings, not including field trips, are virtual meetings that can be accessed via ZOOM conferencing or a phone call. Contact Ben Cate at for conferencing links and numbers. 

Shop Harney County!

Spark Mercantile is an online marketplace supporting local Harney County makers making it possible for their goods to be purchased from far and wide while helping to create economic opportunity in Harney County.
Click SHOP below to see what's in the store.

Reviving Malheur Lake

A short film about Malheur Lake, its current condition and what is being learned to help stage its revival.

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