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Dear Friend of the Passionists,
Recently, I read an article on Pope Francis speaking about the power of prayer. Pope Francis said that prayer, “in the face of a problem, a difficult situation, a calamity, is opening the door to the Lord so that He will come.” Our Passionist enrollment folder, God’s Gift of Healing Love, is a beautiful way to share what you and I know to be true: that God is with us always. His door is always wide open.
Do you pray often to open that door? Does it swing open easily, or does it take all of your strength to push it open?  Is there someone right now who would find consolation knowing that they have your prayer and support? Please send any special intentions that you wish us Passionists to remember in prayer.  
We pray to God that they may find comfort and guidance to heal – physically, emotionally or spiritually. Your prayer opens the door to God and lets Him come into their lives.  
Yours in Christ’s love,
Fr. Michael Higgins, C.P.
Spiritual Director

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