November 18, 2021 | Service Announcement
Dear Curbside Customer, 
Thanksgiving is here already! Whether you are making up for lost time with a large gathering of family and friends, or keeping it quiet a low key, we hope it's a special one! Please note that the holiday will cause a change in our collection schedule as noted above. 
If you have questions related to your schedule or other service-related issues, you can always reach us by email at or by phone at 207-332-0277 anytime between 8:30am-4:00pm Monday through Friday. Our office will be closed on Thanksgiving.

Wishing you and yours a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!

Weather Cancellation Policy 
We firmly stand by our motto -  No Bucket Left Behind - as long as it is safe for our Field Operators to be on the road. As with the holiday collection schedule, we follow your city's lead when it comes to weather cancellations. We will also post all cancellations on our website and Facebook page as soon as possible in every situation.

Cooking at home more than usual?
Here come the holidays! Planning ahead helps to reduce food waste over the holidays and keep them as sustainable as possible. Here are some of our favorite go-to tips:
• Shop locally when you can, using a list and reusable bags.
• Freeze bags of carrot peels, onion skins, etc to make homemade veggie stock!
• Store leftovers in reusable containers and get creative incorporating them into the following week's meals. 
• If you are hosting, invite guests to bring their own containers to take leftovers home with them.
• Want to avoid having too many leftovers altoghether? Save the Food's Guest-Imator is a great tool to determine just how much food to prepare!
Still, we know hoiday meals often mean more unavoidable food waste - if you think you may need a party bucket for extra capacity, contact us at to schedule the delivery/pickup of the additional bin.

Introduce your friends to composting

Gift a friend (and yourself!) free service when you help spread the word about Garbage to Garden: when you share your custom referral code with a friend or neighbor, you'll both get a free month of curbside service!

Refer a friend to Garbage to Garden today!

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