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his image shows neurons (blue) and astrocyte-like cardiac nexus glia (green) encompassing a zebrafish heart (red).


New type of cell in the heart discovered at Notre Dame

Researchers discovered a new type of cell in the heart that may help regulate heart rate. This discovery could be the key to understanding certain types of congenital heart defects and other diseases involving the heart. (More...)
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The Medieval Institute: The Crossroads of Everything

The Medieval Institute is the oldest institute at Notre Dame and the largest of its kind in the country. This year marks 75 years of research and teaching in medieval culture. (More...)
"There are all kinds of things about modern culture that are medieval in origin, including scientific traditions, universities and representative democracy. And many fundamental institutions and practices of the Catholic Church have their beginnings in the Middle Ages." — Thomas Burman, the Robert M. Conway Director of the Medieval Institute
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Cummings speaks to NPR about position paper on the Eucharist

Kathleen Sprows Cummings, director of the Cushwa Center for the Study of American Catholicism, spoke with NPR's A. Martinez about the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops vote to approve a position paper on the meaning of the Holy Communion. Read the story or listen to the five-minute interview here.
Video about the use of research and technology to prevent suicide

Research (video)

Using research and technology to prevent suicide

Imagine using technology to help young people better regulate their emotions to reduce the risk of suicide. Theodore Beauchaine, the William K. Warren Foundation Professor of Psychology and co-director of the Suicide Prevention Initiative — Research, Intervention, and Training (SPIRIT), is conducting research using an interesting tool: a pocket-sized music player with earbuds.


10 tons of food saved during home football season 

Excess food from Notre Dame Stadium this football season did not go to waste. The University donated 20,775 pounds of prepared food to Cultivate Food Rescue, a local organization that fights hunger and reduces food waste. Food waste contributes to climate change. (More...)
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Less is more in sustainable living

With the new year coming, you may be considering resolutions, like reducing food waste at home. Caitlin Jacobs in the Office of Sustainability says menu planning helps her be intentional when grocery shopping. Buying the right amount of food means less of it goes bad. (More…)
Photo of baby eaglet at ND-LEEF


ND-LEEF debuts new eagle camera with better technology

The Notre Dame Linked Experimental Ecosystem Facility (ND-LEEF) has installed a new in-nest, live bald eagle camera at St. Patrick’s County Park in South Bend, where a pair of bald eagles has nested in the same sycamore tree since 2015. (More...)
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