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july Newsletter 2016
july Newsletter 2016
Chico Natural Foods Cooperative will be holding our Board Meetings at KZFR’s Green Room adjacent to the Broadcast Booth on the 4th floor of the Waterland-Breslauer Building on 341 Broadway, Suite 416. Our meetings will be held 5:30 - 8pm on the last wednesday of the month.

Folks arriving at 6pm will need to use the call box adjacent to the door to call the KZFR broadcast booth and ask for the door opened. 

See you there!
Laurie Niles
Board of Directors
I’m often asked why I shop at the Co-Op. My answer is always -- it’s local! Not only is the Co-Op a member owned store, but they also support our local economy. You can find many locally produced items throughout the store; locally grown fruits and vegetables, locally made beer and wine, Klean Kanteens, Chico Bags and so much more. I always think how cool it is that Chico produces most of my favorite things, and that I can purchase them at a store that I own with my community. 

When I am at the Co-Op, I feel the sense of community and family that they strive to provide. The friendly staff, and familiar faces create a sense of belonging. The Co-Op’s presence in our larger community is also strong and healthy. You can find them at the Thursday Night Market each week selling kombucha and nitro coffee on tap. You can also find the staff in elementary school classrooms teaching students about healthy foods with their Chef Move to School program. 

The Co-Op has been playing a role in the Chico community for the past forty years and I am excited about where it is headed! Don’t forget to stop by the store on Fridays this summer, for hydrating coconut water ($1!) as well as kombucha and nitro coffee on tap. 

Seana Watkins
Board Member
“Pure love is the base of everything”. So says Richard Helmsey, the local artisan behind the irresistible Angel Chocolate Company. Pure Love is also the name of his simplest, most universally beloved product: raw Ecuadorian cacao paste, wild flower honey, cacao butter, Himalayan sea salt, and Tahitian Vanilla bean are all combined to create a delicious, beguilingly uncomplicated raw chocolate bark.
Helmsey adds rich, natural ingredients to his Pure Love to make other toothsome delights: the singular “Olive the Thyme!” bar includes Bojia olives and dried thyme to create an utterly unique flavor experience, while his “88 Almonds” is an exceptional take on the classic combination of almonds and chocolate. New varieties of the Angel Chocolates come out periodically, so keep an eye out for new ways to feel the Love.
Please visit their Facebook to find out more.
Organic produce is valuable. To prevent food waste, it is vital to minimize spoilage of your already purchased fruits and vegetables. The main culprits behind spoilage are ethylene gas and improper storage.

To best preserve vegetables, remove twist ties from leafy greens and trim off any loose or rotten ends. With cauliflower and root vegetables, it helps to cut away the brown or bruised spots. When using plastic produce bags, be sure that you have holes to keep some air circulation. Pack vegetables loosely in the refrigerator. A crowded refrigerator accelerates spoilage.  Leafy greens can be washed before storing. Dry them before storing in the crisper. Mushrooms and herbs need not be washed until right before you use them. Different fruits have different needs. Stone fruits (except for cherries) will continue to ripen on the counter top. Avocados, mangos, melons, apples and pears will also continue to ripen if left out. Bell Peppers, grapes, berries and citrus will deteriorate when left at room temperature. Be sure to keep them refrigerated. 

You can extend the life of berries by rinsing them in a mixture which is 25% vinegar and 75% water. Dry them completely with a towel and store them in a sealed container with the lid slightly open. Grapes do well in a plastic bag with perforation or a brown paper bag. When stored like this they can last up to two weeks.

Herbs like cilantro and basil can be stored three different ways: 
1. Store at room temperature in a jar with water. 

2. Keep in a jar in the fridge with a plastic bag over the leaves, or 

3.  Seal them in an airtight container in a refrigerator.

The bluapple containers that we sell are able to lengthen the life of your produce by absorbing ethylene gas. Produce tends to last roughly twice as long as normal when these products are added to your crisper in the refrigerator. There are also ethylene gas resistant produce bags that can be purchased online. Eating your produce fresh and shopping frequently are still the best ways to get maximum nutrition and flavor from your fruits and vegetables.

Stop on by and try bluapple products to exted the life of your beautiful organically grown produce. Ask  us about it today!
Kevin Durkin
Produce Buyer
Owner-Only Sales

Annie’s Organic Ketchups and Mustards
Bragg’s Liquid Aminos in 16 & 32 fl oz sizes
Chosen Foods Avocado Oil Mayonnaise 12 oz
GoMacro Organic Thrive Bars 1.4 oz
Ice Chips Candy Peppermint & Lemon Xylitol Sweetened Candies
Lundberg Family Farms Organic Thin-Stackers & Sweet Dreams Rice Cakes
Madecasse Madagascar Chocolate Bars
Mary’s Gone Crackers Organic Pretzel Sticks
Earth Friendly ECOS Liquid Laundry Detergents 100 fl oz
Guayaki Sparkling Yerba Mate Energy Drinks 12 fl oz
Jolly Llama Mango Sorbet Pops 4 pack


Oregon’s Wild Harvest Select Varieties Herb Capsules
Dr. Bronner’s Peppermint Castile Soaps, Shaving Gel & Lip Balm


Calfia Farms Lemonades, Limeades and Orange Juices in 10.5 & 48 fl oz sizes
Tofurky All Vegan Sausage Varieties 14 oz


Organic or Local & Sustainable Produce Yellow Peaches
Organic Produce Red Cabbage


Co-op Bakery Gluten-Free Vegan Double Chocolate Chip Cookie
Haig’s Delicatessen Dolmas


Bulk Nuts & Seeds Organic Raw Hulled Sunflower Seeds
Golden Temple Granola Bulk Wild Blueberry Granola

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