October Students News
October Students News
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Resolving Roommate Conflicts

Having a roommate can be both a rewarding and challenging rental experience. You may hope to have a roommate who you have a good time with and share common interests, however, no matter how compatible you are together, being roommates can cause conflicts! Signing a roommate contact after moving in can help to avoid some of these conflicts. 

Living with Roommates During a Pandemic

You should speak to your roommates about COVID-19 and related topics, such as quarantining, social distancing, gathering expectations, etc. as soon as possible, if you haven't already. 
UWM is unable to provide quarantine spaces for students who do not live in its residence halls. Students and their roommates who live off campus should quarantine or isolate in their off-campus residence.

Properly Rake Your Leaves

The City of Milwaukee DPW will begin collecting leaves on Oct. 18. Residents may begin raking their leaves into the curb lanes on Oct. 1 and continue through Nov. 15 for pick up.

Night Parking Enforcement Resumes on Nov. 2 

Purchase your night parking permit to avoid getting fined or towed for parking on the streets between 2 a.m. and 6 a.m. You can purchase permits at https://city.milwaukee.gov/Parking or your local police district station. 

What Kind of Roommate Are You? 

Take the roommate quiz below to find out what your roommates think of you.

Make a Difference Day

Members of the UWM community are invited to take part in the city-wide Fall Make a Difference Day on Saturday, November 7.  
Sign up for the Preferred Tenant Program! This is a free, online rental education course offered through Canvas. Participating landlords offer discounts on rent to students who have completed the program.

NHO Taking Over the UWM Snapchat

Look out for members of the Neighborhood Housing Office taking over the UWM Snapchat on Oct. 21. Make sure to add @uwmilwaukee on Snapchat so you don't miss these rental tips!

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