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Register Today and Ask Your Questions for the June 20, 2018 Online Education Program on Carcinoid Syndrome!
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Not everyone with neuroendocrine tumors develops carcinoid syndrome – but for those who do, understanding the symptoms and staying aware of current and emerging treatments is essential. On March 1st, 2017 we released a live educational program about carcinoid syndrome for people living with the condition and their families and caregivers.
The program featured Dr. Edward Wolin, internationally renowned neuroendocrine cancer specialist; Grace Goldstein of the Carcinoid Cancer Foundation; and patients Giovanna Imbesi, Mitch Berger and Rick Mainwaring. Together, we walked through what it meant to have carcinoid syndrome, what tests to expect, treating and managing carcinoid syndrome, and how to practice self-care between doctor visits. Check out clips from our first program in the video below.
64 questions were posed to the panel by program participants ahead of the live day, and hundreds of people engaged with the live program and watched it on-demand afterwards. The interactive program featured real-time polling and Q&A with the experts.  After watching the session, the vast majority of participants reported that they knew more about:
  • The causes of carcinoid syndrome
  • Identifying signs and symptoms of carcinoid syndrome
  • The laboratory, diagnostic, and imaging tests that may be performed for carcinoid syndrome
  • Positive self-care strategies in between doctor visits
This program went so well that we are releasing a brand-new session on Wednesday, June 20, 2018 from 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM ET! Whether you've just been diagnosed or have been living with carcinoid syndrome for decades, our upcoming program will offer important tools for the next stage of your journey. A new panel of experts and people living with carcinoid syndrome will explain how a diagnosis is reached, give lifestyle tips about what to eat, and discuss how to manage carcinoid syndrome over time.
If you did join our first program – you’re already set-up to attend the next one live and receive an on-demand version via email! Ask your questions for the new expert panel today.
If you didn’t register for our first program, save your virtual seat for our next free live online event. Can't join live? Get an on-demand version emailed to you after live day.
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