Make Summer Sunnier with Hotel Deals, Ice Cream Pies, Gardening Tips & More
Make Summer Sunnier with Hotel Deals, Ice Cream Pies, Gardening Tips & More
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  June 2022  
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Correctly complete the quiz with information found in our current MVlink eNewsletter for a chance to win a $10 credit on your next internet bill.

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Congrats to last month's quiz winner — Jim & Katie from Dyersville.
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4th of July We Hope Your 4th of July is a Blast

MVlink wishes you a wonderful holiday weekend with family and friends. May your spirits be as bright as the fireworks!

Our office will be closed 11am Friday, July 1 through Monday, July 4th.
member meetup
sine the light

Members of MVEC: Do you know someone who's making a positive impact in our community? Nominate them in our Shine the Light contest and they could win $2,000 for their charity! The contest closes on June 30, so don't delay!
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New Twist on Biking
The Trocadero Fixie is an experimental bike with a frame that twists in the center. Would you want to ride one?
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Amazing Fire Ant Engineers
A Georgia Tech study shows fire ants linking together to form tower-like structures using their bodies as blocks.
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MVlink Employees Share Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between your MVlink fiber service and what I have now?
Our MVlink service brings fiber all the way to the home. Other service providers use fiber to go from city to city but then will use copper wires (Ethernet) to the home to provide internet.
Competitors in our area use DSL to the home, Coaxial Cable (round cable used for Cable TV in the past) or wireless point-to-point service (and then Ethernet cable is run into the home from the radio outside). Fiber is the backbone of the internet and that is what MVlink uses to serve our members to provide quality, high-speed connections for streaming, gaming, schooling and working from home.

Why does it take longer for MVlink to be installed/connected compared to cable or satellite options?
Since MVlink is a fiber to the home service, each new area we expand to requires construction (either boring underground or overhead on electric poles) from the nearest MVlink feeder. Speed of construction is dependent on weather and consistency (sand, dirt, rock, etc.) of the ground we are boring through.

Can I remove the flags from my yard once the construction contractors have left my neighborhood?
No, the flags should be kept in the ground until MVlink has met with you to conduct a "drop" meeting. The Fiber drop consists of a fiber cable that connects the fiber cables from our network to the Network Interface Device (NID) on the side of your home.

Why is a speed test not showing the speed I pay for?
There is a box (usually some type of modem) that brings Internet into your home from your service provider. In order to run a speed test against what you are paying for, the speed test should be run with an Ethernet cable and capable device. Visit to conduct a speed test for your connection.

Why are my Internet speed tests slower when I'm on Wi-Fi?
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Watts Current Click here to read issues of
The Fiber Download articles.

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the Watts Current Newsletter.
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3 Common Reasons for a Weak Wi-Fi Signal

Having problems with your home's Wi-Fi? These factors may be why:
  1. Distance — The farther away you are from your wireless router, the weaker your Wi-Fi signal will be. Try adjusting your router's location to a more centralized spot or look into adding a Wi-Fi extender, such as our mesh unit.
  2. Construction — Especially thick walls can muffle Wi-Fi signals, as can certain types of construction materials such as metallic mesh inside plaster-and-lath walls.
  3. Device Interference — You may find intermittent signal problems caused by interference from other devices such as baby monitors, garage door openers, and microwave ovens.
If you'd like MVlink to select, locate, and manage your Wi-Fi equipment for you, ask about our Managed Wi-Fi service.
All Aboard Meal Train  
All Aboard Meal Train
This site helps you organize meal delivery for someone who has a new baby or is recovering from surgery or grieving a loss.
Learn more...
Take a Mini Vacation  
Take a Mini Vacation
Explore beautiful spots from around the world via these live cams, which feature wildlife in the sea, on land, and in the air.
Learn more...
Nail Your Home Projects  
Nail Your Home Projects
Get tips on home repair and building projects from Family Handyman, including how to enhance your home's curb appeal.
Learn more...
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8 Quick Appetizers
These appetizers will be party pleasers, yet they're super easy to throw together with four ingredients or less.
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Ice Cream Pie 5 Ways
I scream. You scream. We all scream for ice cream. Can't decide between these five luscious pies? Try them all!
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See 20 Seashell Crafts
You'll be inspired by all the things you can decorate using seashells — from picture frames to candles to flower pots.
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"Cut Above" T-Shirts
No sewing or glue needed! Grab a T-shirt and a pair of scissors to create a whole new look that will generate compliments.
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