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Purchase "Wine Road Rewards" online, then redeem them online or in person.

Wine Road Rewards

  • We are going to sell $10 "Wine Road Rewards" online via Eventbrite.
  • Each $10 Reward will be worth $20 when they are redeemed.
  • Buyers can redeem them in person or by calling a winery to place an order for shipment.
  • Each $10 Reward, worth $20 must be used on a minimum of $100 purchase.
  • Rewards can be combined, for example, if a buyer has bought $50 in Rewards, they will have $100 to redeem. They can ALL be redeemed at the same time if the purchase is $500 or more.

These "Rewards" are for a limited time - this is a test!

They will be on sale Oct. 1-30.
They must be redeemed by Nov. 30.
We will only be promoting this on our Wine & Food Affair page. We can only ship our Wine & Food Affair cases of wine within CA. We hope these "Rewards" are a way for buyers outside of CA to "participate" in the event, although locals may certainly buy them also.
  • Wineries would redeem them as if it were a gift certificate in their POS system.
  • Wine Road is not reimbursing wineries for the rewards redeemed.
  • If the buyer is at the winery in person, collect their paper "Rewards". 
  • If they call in, just ask for their Rewards Number - from their Eventbrite order. 
This is the tricky part. We'd like to keep track of who is using their rewards, so it would be ideal if wineries called or email us when you redeemed them. That is what makes this "a test", we need to see if this works or not. You never know until you try!

Any Winery Can Participate.

We will have a list online of the wineries where buyers can redeem their
"Wine Road Rewards"
Count Us In

Just click the "Count Us In" button to let Beth know if you want your winery added to the list.

We would like to have our participation list complete by Sept. 25th.

This is a fundraising program for Wine Road. After refunding nearly $500,000 in ticket money from the 2019 Wine & Food Affair and the second weekend of Barrel Tasting 2020, we are hoping this "rewards" program will generate enough income for Wine Road to increase our marketing campaigns, which promote our winery and lodging members.
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