Programs and Resources for your Professional Development
Programs and Resources for your Professional Development
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         Programs and Resources for your Professional Development - July 2022

Teaching Essentials Series

Teaching Series Program
 Each session has a brief online component (video and application activity) followed by a 1-hour in-person session to dig deeper and apply concepts. Sessions will begin on Monday August 29, 2022, and are held on the Last Monday of each month from 12:00-1:00 pm (December Session will be held on December 12, 2022).
Session topics include: 
  • Learning Objectives
  • Assessment
  • Designing Instruction
  • Writing Questions
  • Maximizing Learning in the Clinical Environment
  • Balancing Teaching, Research, & Service
To learn more please visit Teaching Essentials Series.
You can register here for a session or sessions, for more information please contact Kirsten Brown. 
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Thank you to our Writing Institute Authors & Coaches

The Writing Institute
The CFE would like to congratulate and thank the Authors & Coaches of the CFE/CNH Writing Institute who participated in our inaugural program. We look forward to sharing your accepted manuscripts and appreciate you for participating!
  • Mekela Whyte-Nesfield, MD
  • Lilia Andrew, PhD
  • Elisha Peterson, MD
  • Maranda Ward, EdD, MPH
  • Anita Patel, MD
  • Katherine Chiappinelli, PhD
  • Deena Berkowitz, MD, MPH
  • Maho Shibata, PhD
  • Eiman Abdulrahman, MD
  • Jaytoya Manget, DNP
  • Paul Marvar, PhD
  • Kevin Cleary, PhD
  • Tamara Ritsema, PhD, MPH, MMSc, PA-C
  • Priti Bhansali, MD
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Teaching & Learning-help is just one click away!

Would you like assistance with designing or revising a teaching session, course, block, or clerkship? The Center for Faculty Excellence has the resources to help you!  Check out just-in-time resources on our website
You may also set up a 1 on 1 Teaching Consultation with a member of our office, you can request a consultation by clicking the ‘Request a Consult’ button.
The CFE also offers one-on-one consultations in 
Request a Consult
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Peer Reviews of Teaching

Would you like to improve your online or in-person classroom, small group, or clinical teaching skills? Align your teaching with what really works to facilitate learning and get a healthy start populating your teaching portfolio for the 2022-2023 academic year.
Contact the Center for Faculty Excellence at with a short description of any issue(s) you would like assistance with and the day and time your teaching occurs to get paired with a graduate of the Master Teacher Leadership Development Program. 
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Highlights from Education Research - Academy of Education Scholars

  • Schwartz, L., Ganjoo, R. (co-editors). (2022). Handbook of Research on Advising and Developing the Pre-Health Professional Student. IGI Global Publishers: Hershey, PA. DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-9617-3
  • Ganjoo, R., Schwartz, L. (co-editors). (2022). Handbook of Research on Developing Competencies for Pre-health Professional Students, Advisors, and Programs. IGI Global Publishers: Hershey, PA.
  • Lam, C., Sherman, M., & Schwartz, L. (2022). Flipping the Script: Leveraging Technology to Enhance the Pre-Health Advising Experience. In Ganjoo, R. & Schwartz, L. (Eds), Handbook of Research on Developing Competencies for Pre-health Professional Students, Advisors, and Programs. (pp. 224-237) IGI Global. 
  • Gillum JB, DeVaul N, Ghannouchi S. (2022) Post-Baccalaureate Pre-Medicine Programs: A Non-Traditional Route to Graduate Medical Education. In Schwartz, L., Ganjoo, R. (Eds), Handbook of Research on Advising and Developing the Pre-Health Professional Student (pp. 139-154) IGI Global.
  • Ward, M. C., Corr, P. G., Fernes, V. A., & Wang, T. (2022). How an Anti-Racist Organizational Change Model Can Build Capacity to Support Historically Excluded Students: A Guide for Advisors and Administrators of Pathway Programs. In R. Ganjoo, & L. Schwartz (Eds.), Handbook of Research on Developing Competencies for Pre-Health Professional Students, Advisors, and Programs (pp. 389-414). IGI Global. 
  • Maranda Ward, EdD, MPH (P.I.) and McDonald P, EdD (Co-PI), with Corr P, Conserve D, Singh S, Patel N and Xavier J have recently received an $816,178 research grant from Gilead Sciences Inc. to lead a national educational intervention entitled, “Two in One: HIV + COVID Screening and Testing Model” designed with a combined health and racial equity lens for primary care practitioners (PCPs) in practice and in training to provide culturally responsive and nonjudgmental communication about HIV and COVID testing with patients who identify as Black, Brown, Indigenous and/or LGBTQIA+. (short introductory video can be accessed here

Anti-Racism and Inclusivity Resources for Teaching & Learning

SMHS Resources
GW SMHS Office of Diversity and Inclusion
Anti-Racism Coalition (ARC)
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Faculty Focused Resources

  • Counseling patients and their families around misinformation can be a difficult task. Combatting the misinformation and disinformation they've absorbed from social media or from peer groups requires patience, compassion (including understanding of patients' cultural, social, and emotional needs), in addition to being able to explain the evidence for a given treatment. Addressing concerns directly and engaging in shared decision-making helps build a relationship between physician and patient that makes it easier to educate and change perceptions. This guide provides resources and strategies for correcting misinformation and navigating difficult conversations with patients.
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