Member Memo - January 28, 2020

Congratulations to
J. Rickards Winery.

Once again, they WON the Winter Wineland décor contest.
This year wineries submitted photos for an album on Facebook and guests voted for their favorite (most likes).  
It's fun to see what everyone does to decorate and make it a memorable weekend.
Link to the Facebook Album Wineland2020
1000 tickets were sold before we even sent out the email blast!  Now we've sold 1500.
Let your friends and supporters know if you are participating, start sharing the link. Barrel Tasting 2020. Debbie will be sending out the event "tool kit" this week.
Advance Tickets - $60 Weekend, $45 Sunday Only, $5 Designated Drivers
At the Door Tickets - $75 Weekend, $60 Sunday Only, $10 Drivers
We are no longer providing designated drivers with mugs - in advance or at the door. Too much abuse with folks filling their mugs with wine or other adult beverages! The full price of the DD ticket is a donation to the Redwood Empire Food Bank.

Winter Wineland

Please return your left-over glasses with the Compass logo. Keep the Wine Road glasses for Barrel Tasting (if you're participating). Return your wristbands, accounting sheet and any receipts you have for food reimbursement. We'd like everything wrapped up and returned by Jan. 31st. Questions - contact

Wine Road Board Nominations

Would you like to serve on the Wine Road Board of Directors, or would you like to nominate someone? if so, please download the application here. Requirements and details are on the application. The deadline to run on the ballot is Friday, Feb. 14th. ♥  Questions about serving - contact our Board President John Viszlay, Vice President Devin Ruddick, Secretary Carri Holdredge or Treasurer, Joe Foppoli.

The varietal of the Month

We are looking for the wines we need to write up for April, May, and June. It is best if we only include 6 wines. If YOUR winery has already been featured in our monthly blog review, please do not submit another wine - we really need to share the love. We have 180 winery members, everyone needs the opportunity to showcase their wine. We are looking for April - Grenache, May - Rosé, June - Sangiovese.  


We need to keep this hashtag front and center - please use in all of your social posts. In your wine club newsletters, encourage people to share online how they #SipSonoma.
Our Twitter Tasting on Jan. 17th resulted in: 1192 tweets, 36,092,611 impressions, 1,276,321 engagement!  We rocked it!   #SipSonoma

Recent Press

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