An amazing story of a police K-9, back-to-school tips, & more...
An amazing story of a police K-9, back-to-school tips, & more...
Hello, Fellow Dog Lovers!
Happy August, friends! If you have (human) kids, I'm sure you're right in the middle of back-to-school season. So in this month's newsletter, I've made sure to include some tips for keeping up with your pets' needs during the chaos of the season. As for me, I'll be traveling all over the US and the UK over the next few months, so be sure to check my appearance schedule to see if I'll be coming to an area near you. And don't forget that there are Victoria Stilwell Academy courses beginning this fall in both the US and the UK. These classes are almost sold out, but we'll be announcing future class dates soon!
In this edition of the Positively Newsletter, you'll find an amazing story about a police K-9, tips for understanding what stresses your dog out, and more.  
As always, throughout this newsletter you'll find exclusive content and training tips that you won't find anywhere else. Hope you enjoy!
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Kristen Alexander
K-9 Officer
Read Victoria's heartwarming account of one of the "Guardians of the Night" who lost his police dog to cancer and chose to do something incredible in his honor.
It came as a shock to all of us when we learned that K-9 Eiko had lost his battle to cancer before it seemingly ever began. We cried together around Eiko and his steadfast partner, Officer Shawn Humphreys, as he received the news that his beloved four-legged friend had a few days, perhaps a week or two at best, to live. He was only 8 years old - an impeccable police dog that had still been working the streets up to that fateful day - and had shown no signs of illness or pain.
One week later, we were gathered together again. But this time, it was to say a final goodbye to one of the best police dogs any of us have ever known. The community rallied around Shawn and a truly beautiful funeral was arranged for Eiko. Shawn was devastated, still in disbelief that his ever-dependable partner was gone, but he took some comfort in the support of his friends, family, department, and community...
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Registration is now open for the fourth annual UK Dog Bite Prevention and Behaviour Conference which will be held on the south London campus of Kingston University on June 24-25, 2017.
Now in its fourth year, this annual gathering of the leading minds in the animal world has become the UK's preeminent dog training and behaviour-related conference, featuring a world-class lineup of presenters, a breadth of unique topics and concepts covered which is unmatched in the industry, and a commitment to providing education and inspiration for all attendees. 
The format of the event has been enhanced from previous years to now include complimentary lunches as well as tea and coffee as part of the registration fee. The Victoria Stilwell Academy is also hosting a Saturday night networking cocktail social for all attendees with free drinks and canapes as part of standard registration.
Register Now
Can Dog Be Stressed
Can Your Dog Be Stressed?
Those of us who have a reactive, anxious, or fearful dog, work very hard to make life easier for them (and us!).
We try this idea and that technique, perhaps with distressingly little success. Some days our dog just seems worse!
While you’re doing your best to improve the situation and you take a look at what may be making things worse, you cannot overlook stress.
  • Stress causes reactions to be exaggerated
  • Stress causes us to snap
  • Stress wears us out
And there are some areas of your dog’s life that are building stress that will really surprise you.
1. Too many walks
“What!” you squawk! “I thought I had to take my dog out for a walk every single day! I thought I was doing the right thing!”
Well, like so much in life, that depends. It depends on how your dog is experiencing these walks.
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Sundowner Syndrome
Sundowner Syndrome
First, the great news: advancements in veterinary medicine and nutrition are helping our dogs to live longer lives now than ever before. But with longer lifespans comes a new set of challenges facing senior dogs, including arthritis, cancer, and the equivalent of human Alzheimer’s disease: canine cognitive dysfunction, or “doggie dementia.”
One of the symptoms of both Alzheimer’s disease and canine cognitive dysfunction is a behavioral disorder known as Sundowner Syndrome. 
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Tiring vs. Taxing
Exercise: Tiring vs. Taxing
Positively Contributor Sarah Stremming of The Cognitive Canine chats about how to tire your dogs out without overwhelming them.   
 There are two kinds of exhaustion; one is good, and one is not so good. Get up early, pack a lunch, and hike all day long. When you get home you will be tired, but it will feel good. You will rest that evening and sleep hard; it is the best kind of restoration. On the flip-side, get up early, pack your suitcase, and spend the entire day in air travel. Multiple connections, several flights, a rental car, a drive in a strange city, and finally your hotel room. You are tired, and it does not feel good. Your sleep might even be restless and uneasy. Both these scenarios are tiring, but the air travel is also taxing. Both are exhausting, but one drains while the other restores.
With our dogs, we are often trying to tire them out because we recognize restlessness and boredom are bad for them. But too often we present them with activities that are tiring but also taxing, like the air travel scenario.  How do we make sure we are tiring our dogs, but not taxing them?
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Kindness is Powerful, Pass it On
In Case You Missed It
Did you miss it? Victoria's post about a shelter's new idea to get overlooked dogs adopted stirred up lots of comments and shares from Victoria's audience. 
Opinions were strong from Victoria's fans all over the world. See more on her official Facebook page.
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Victoria was featured in the latest edition of Dogster Magazine with her tips on how to safely take advantage of dog parks and beaches, as well as tips for knowing when your dog may not enjoy a dog park setting
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Top Tip
As the chaotic back-to-school season approaches, it can be easy to overlook your pet's needs. Try to set aside an hour of the day to give your pets some one-on-one time, attention, and exercise. Depending on your dog's breed/breed mix and energy level, this could mean going for a walk, taking a hike, or playing with an interactive toy.
Not only will you likely see a reduction in nuisance behaviors like barking, chewing, and digging, but you'll also have a happier, more well-balanced dog that isn't being left out of the daily routine! 
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