August Highlights at ANP Lighting
August Highlights at ANP Lighting
ANP Lighting Employee Spotlight

Meet Sir Edward Duncan, LC: 
Designing Brilliance and Beyond

Sir Edward Duncan, LC, isn't just a Design Engineering Manager at ANP Lighting; he's a seasoned pro with over 30 years in the industry and more than five years rocking it at ANP, from tinkering with tools to leading innovation; here's a snapshot of his journey:

Early Gears and Bright Beginnings:  Thanks to LEGOs and Erector Sets, Edward's passion for engineering sparked early.  Eventually he got an associate degree in engineering science from the State University of New York and polished his skills at Messiah University, bagging a bachelor’s in mechanical engineering.

Shaping Illumination at ANP: As the Design Engineering Manager, Edward wears many hats. He's the guy steering the ship, ensuring ANP Lighting's vision of being the go-to for top-notch lighting is a reality. Whether it's new product wizardry or keeping tabs on drawings and production, plus, he's ensuring customers get what they need by crafting spec sheets and IES files.

Passion Ignites Success: What does Edward enjoy most about his job? He takes pride in being a part of ANP's successful winning streak. The team clinched back-to-back awards, like the 2019 LFI Innovation Award, the PIA (Product Innovation Award) for the EQ Collection, and the 2020 LEDs Magazine Sapphire Award. The SiteLine Collection bagged the 2021 PIA (Product Innovation Award) and 2022 LFI Innovation Award in the Parking, Roadway, and Area Luminaire Category, not to mention the most recent Building Green's Top 10 Products Recognition for 2023.

Life Beyond the Drawing Board: Sir Edward is an explorer outside the engineering world. He's all about globetrotting and soaking in different cultures. You'll find him getting hands-on with home projects and carpentry when not sketching designs. And he's a car enthusiast – from restoring classics to racing, he's in the fast lane.

Fueling Growth and Expertise: Education never stops for Edward. In 2016, he aced the N.C.Q.L.P. L.C. Exam, solidifying his status as a lighting expert. 
As winner of the 2022 LightFair Innovation Award for Parking, Roadway, and Area Luminaires, we invite you to explore the SiteLine Collection by ANP Lighting; lighting fixtures that combine design, visual comfort, and technology to provide a uniquely innovative exterior lighting solution. Skillfully balancing form and function, the award-winning SiteLine Collection comprises two heights of luminaires, a companion bollard, and two sizes of wall mounts.

SiteLine Family & Scale
SiteLine by ANP Lighting includes two heights of post top luminaires, a companion bollard and two sizes of wall mounts. Multiple mounting options & variations available. 
Click here to view the SiteLine collection


Make ANP your first choice to explore a wide variety of architectural products for both indoor and outdoor environments with the most efficient and flexible LED technologies. 
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