Nominate a colleague for an ORE Research Award!
Nominate a colleague for an ORE Research Award!
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Signing ceremony of the Executive Order on “Maintaining American Leadership in AI” on Monday, February 11.
Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Lynne Parker played a key role in a White House initiative announced February 11 to bolster research, governance, and education and workforce training around artificial intelligence.
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Nominate a Colleague for an ORE Research Award

This spring, the Office of Research and Engagement will celebrate the achievements of students, faculty, staff, and community partners for their achievements in research, engagement, and compliance activities with an awards ceremony. There are 23 award categories including six that will be recognized from the floor.
This year, 63 Tennessee undergraduates will present their research posters to legislators at the annual Tennessee Posters at the Capitol on Tuesday, February 26. Seven UT students are traveling to Nashville for the event.

Convergent Research Workshop

Growing convergent research has been identified as one of NSF’s 10 Big Ideas, and a new funding opportunity was recently announced with up to $3.6 million available over five years. This workshop was designed to facilitate discussion among faculty members.
Tom Rogers, who has extensive development experience in Oak Ridge and Knox County, has been named as president and CEO of the Cherokee Farm Development Corporation. Rogers, currently director of industrial partnerships and economic development at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, will begin work on March 1.
UT engineering students led by UT-ORNL Governor’s Chair for Nuclear Materials Steve Zinkle are working on overcoming challenges a human mission to Mars would see by peering into “exotic” materials that can withstand extreme environments—as in those created by nuclear-powered thermal propulsion.
James K. Polk courtesy of Polk Memorial Association
The Polk project is one of three presidential projects organized by researchers at UT as part of the Tennessee Presidents Center, with offices in Hoskins Library. The 14th and final volume is nearing completion and will be celebrated April 12-13 at a conference held at the East Tennessee Historical Society in Knoxville.
UT Core Facilities and their users have access to Stratocore, a billing and scheduling system that makes interacting with the cores a seamless process and helps these facilities streamline their accounting process. Learn how to use the system today.


Michelle Davis, Carson Hollingsworth, Morgan Sowers and Abigail Wegman win Canadian business case competition—Katherine Ambroziak received national diversity award—Marianne Wanamaker named to White House advisory board
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