Get ORE's updated guidelines for hosting visitors in labs
Get ORE's updated guidelines for hosting visitors in labs
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Photo of UT grad student Brittany Zepernick in the lab
Growing up in Cleveland, Ohio, Brittany Zepernick was captivated by the tapestry of underwater seascapes that exist in exotic tropical oceans. Visions of colorful coral reefs and tropical fish originally peaked her interest in aquatic ecosystems. As she got older, however, it was a drinking water crisis that ultimately focused her interests on the freshwater systems in her own backyard.
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Graphic for ORE's FY19 Annual Report

Annual Report for Fiscal Year 2019

The Annual Report for Fiscal Year 2019 is now available for download on the Office of Research and Engagement website.The Annual Report summarizes all research activity from July 1, 2018–June 30, 2019.
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Head shot of Dustin Gilbert of UT's Department of Materials Science and Engineering
Assistant Professor Dustin Gilbert, in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering, recently received an award from the Department of Energy (DoE) Early Career Research program for his work on chiral magnets. Understanding these magnets could lead to the “next big thing” in electronics and devices.
Photo of Vince Pantalone of UT's Department of Plant Sciences
Department of Plant Sciences Professor Vince Pantalone and his team develop new soybean varieties with increased disease resistance. By improving and innovating soybeans, Pantalone's research can result in higher, better-quality yields for farmers.
Photo of Joel Anderson from UT's College of Nursing
Joel Anderson, associate professor in UT's College of Nursing, witnessed firsthand the physical and emotional strain caregivers can experience. He watched his relatives put their own health needs aside as they cared for his great-grandmother, who had dementia. His family experience became the basis for his research.
Photo of Kimberly Eck, assistant vice chancellor of research development at UT
Kimberly Eck, assistant vice chancellor for research development in UT’s Office of Research and Engagement, has been named president of the National Organization of Research Development Professionals (NORDP). With approximately 1,000 members, NORDP is a professional organization dedicated solely to research development.
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Richard T. Wood presented with a lifetime achievement award from the American Nuclear Society (ANS)—Derek Alderman wins the Zemkehr Prize for Scholarship—Vlad Sobes receives the Early Career Reactor Physicist Award from the American Nuclear Society (ANS)—Tony Schmitz receives the Best Associate Editor Award.
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