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The January Edition | January 6, 2022
Katherine Peters
President & CEO

Message from the President

Greetings friend, and welcome to the January Comfort Connection! 
So many people have been asking about my mom and how she is doing! Close to the end of November, my 91-year-old mom fell while walking outside. I was absolutely beside myself when I heard she had broken her hip. It’s been hard for me not being able to see her as I am not living close to her now.
Within a day she went into surgery. I’m so relieved they did not have to do a hip replacement! A pin was sufficient to repair the broken hip bone. She was not able to walk immediately, but I was so excited the day I heard she walked 50 feet in the hallway with the physiotherapist. She continued to improve, which I am so grateful for.
It seemed like the time had come for her to leave the hospital. But some of the professionals were saying one thing about her condition, and some were saying something else. I had to negotiate some conflicting reports, but I could not see her myself. Was my mom actually weaker and confused, or was she just tired from a busy morning and progressing nicely??? It was so very comforting to me to be on the receiving end of services from Comforts of Home – Care. Chelsea, the Client Outreach Coordinator, was able to visit my mom in the hospital on the Friday as we determined if she could go home on Monday. Chelsea was a great help to help me figure out what exactly was going on!
On that Friday, with a lot of prayer and faith, Comforts of Home – Care and I put everything in place for her to come home on Monday. And it all worked out!! By all reports, my mom was good to go! All I had to do was make sure she had help at home. A caregiver picked mom up at the hospital and brought her home! I had a family member stay with her the first 24 hours because I wasn’t sure how she would do on her own. Reassurance is the number one thing I needed through all the uncertainty!
I can’t tell you what a relief it was Comforts of Home – Care provided the most wonderful young lady to see my mom. She is pleasant, competent, and my mom thinks the world of her! These daily visits gave me the assurance my mom would be safe at home and get all the help she needed!!
The same young lady still visits mom twice a week. My mom really looks forward to her visits. To my mom, cooking and baking is everything! But, my mom’s companion doesn’t actually know how to make borscht, and bake buns and cookies. They’ve been a great pair because she is so excited to learn all this under the guidance of my mom who can direct, but doesn’t have the physical ability to do it herself. She also makes sure my mom does her physiotherapy exercises and walks in the hall to get her mobility back.
They sound like the perfect match, and I can rest assured my mom is recovering well and getting stronger every day! As a long-distance caregiver, Comforts of Home – Care could not have provided better service through this crisis event in our lives. They have been flexible, accommodating and consistent. 
I’m just so thankful my mom is home. My mom is so happy to be home as well. She is sounding stronger every day.  It looks like she will be back to her usual self in no time!!

Katherine Peters
President & CEO

Comforts of Home – Care 

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