The Holistic Horse Course 2020 is nearly upon us! Don't wait to register!
The Holistic Horse Course 2020 is nearly upon us! Don't wait to register!
The Holistic Horse Course Part I
Begins September 5th
in North Carolina!
This unique opportunity is not for everyone, it is for those who truly want to learn how to help horses and humans create a real, trust-based partnership.  In short, if the horses have called to you, if you have a heartfelt desire to make a difference in the world of the horse, then we can help you turn that dream into a reality. 
Are you a:
Passionate amateur
Equine enthusiast
Potential horse guardian
A rescue, donor, or volunteer
Horse guardian
Equine coach, life coach, psychologist or psychiatrist 
Natural horsewoman
Moving from traditional horse training into the next generation of horsemanship
Seeking a more gentle and effective training method
Barn or Equine Business Manager     
Working in the Equine Industry
Seeking to become a professional trainer or clinician 
In the equine facilitated learning or coaching industry and you are looking to enhance your horsemanship and gain clarity to better serve your clients

If so, this program will speak directly to you!
A Telling Testimonial
"When I arrived at the Holistic Horsemanship Foundation Course (HHC), Anna began the first day by asking students to share their histories and why they were there. I had been a student of many foreign languages and I knew that when I would begin learning a new language, there were periods where I was actually more dangerous than effective. It was discovered to be this way with the language of the horse as well. I knew that I understood just enough to convince my horses that I was listening to the very subtle pieces of their language, but not finely tuned enough to take those skills into a variety of different situations with a number of different horses. In short, again, I had become just knowledgable enough to be more dangerous than effective. Finishing the HHC really brought all of the pieces together for me and smoothed out the rough edges, filling in the gaps that would have surely caused me trouble out in the real world. It was the most I have learned about horses in my now 3 decades of working with them, and in such a brief amount of time by comparison to the lifetime of gleaning horsemanship bits here and there. Would I recommend this course to people? Yep. To everyone: amateurs, professionals, hobbyists, parents of children who want horses, veterinarians, and all equine professionals- you will learn more than you could have imagined once you open yourself to discovering how much it is that you don't know what you don't know. It was the most humbling and yet the most miraculous experience I have ever had working with horses."
~A student from CO

Put me in, Coach! I want to learn how I can be a part of the HHC!
Anna Explores the
Next Generation of Horsemanship in Beyond the Barn Volume I
& Now Announcing the Release
of Volume II!
Beyond the Barn is a compilation of lessons, stories, and information that captures Anna's more than two decades of experience. As the Founder of Reach Out to Horses, she has shared her discoveries that have changed the way humans handle horses. A virtual treasure trove of horsemanship, Anna recounts her individual learning experiences with horses and their people while in pursuit of true horse whispering.  Beyond the Barn diverges from structured systems into intuitive horsemanship and demonstrates how control and compliance once ruled, but now can evolve into gentle communication and collaboration. Anna’s extraordinary journey will captivate horse lovers through her insightful, inspirational, and intuitive compilation of editorials and stories.  Join the movement where enriched readers transform their partnerships with horses and witness, first hand, the evolution towards the next generation of horsemanship. 
Enjoy this sneak peek from the text:
“For me, gazing into the eye of the horse is looking into the eye of God. I am looking at the Divine Presence in us all and it is staring right back at me, asking nothing of me but simply to be. Expecting nothing of me but my authenticity; to put the burden of all my thoughts, feelings, fears, ambitions and distractions down and see who I truly am. This is an invitation to open my heart and be present in this moment.
The experience people have sought for eons through religion and spiritual practices, I have in one moment with a horse. As the conduit of that Divine Spirit, our equine partners can give a young girl the acceptance and partnership she longs for. It can heal a young child from the isolation of autism. It can give a felon hope, helping him to see a better way. It can revive the passions of a woman who has lived her entire life in quiet desperation. All of this without words, without demands, without persuasion. The true power of the horse is not in its hooves, its power or its speed, but its love and compassion, its presence and its unconditional acceptance.”
~ Anna Twinney
as a thank you for being a part of our ROTH tribe,
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Beyond The Barn!
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