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MUDEC Méinden Fall 2021 #3
MUDEC Méinden Fall 2021 #3
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Fall 2021 #3

September 13, 2021

Discovery Tours Introduce Students to Europe

by Hannah Horsington and Maddie Kelley, MUDEC newsletter interns
Editor's Note: Discovery Tours are made possible by the generosity of MUDEC alumni, and offer students a great opportunity to explore local gems and "off the beaten path" areas. These tours are supplemental to academic and co-curricular activities.
Hannah Horsington


Since arriving in Luxembourg, I’ve taken advantage of Discovery Tours, which are multiple travel opportunities MUDEC offers for students. Discovery Tours usually take place on Friday night and Saturday, and students can sign up for one or both. Students typically do not have to pay extra for these tours, which travel to various locations throughout Luxembourg, France, Germany, Belgium, and occasionally other countries.
During my first weekend in Luxembourg, I participated in the Discovery Tour that took us to tour the National Mining Museum and then to a local nature reserve for a hike. The two-hour tour took us deep down into the historic mine, where we learned about the history of iron mining in Luxembourg. Later, the hike wound through a beautiful valley, and it was a great way to relax and take in the fresh air after a very hectic first week of classes. This Discovery Tour was a perfect way to ease into traveling, and many students agreed that it helped them feel more confident to travel on their own in the future.
The next weekend, I signed up for another Discovery Tour, this time to a treetop walk through the Saar Valley and to the city of Trier in Germany. This trip was a very special one for me. My dad was in the U.S. Army for over 20 years, and was stationed in Germany for a few years.!That is where I was born. I lived in Germany with my parents until I was almost three years old, then we moved back to the United States. The visit to Trier was the first time I’ve been back on German soil since I left over 17 years ago! Finally making my way back to Germany was an emotional moment for me, and I was super grateful that I had the opportunity to go.
Hannah poses on the treetop walk Walking in Trier
This weekend, I plan to participate in one more Discovery Tour, this time to the cities of Ay and Reims in France. Afterwards, I will be taking a 45-minute train ride to Paris for the rest of the weekend; students are free to travel on their own after Discovery Tours end, and do not have to return to Luxembourg. Most students take advantage of this opportunity and extend their travels through the entire weekend, as I will be doing in France!
Maddie Kelly
Over the past weekend I was able to participate in my first MUDEC Discovery Tour. As MUDEC’s student activity coordinator, Dan Riecker arranges bus rides to nearby countries to participate in an activity and then explore a city in that country.
On Saturday September 4th, 15 students met at the Château to hop on a bus to the Saar Valley in Germany. We arrived in Baumwipfelpfad Saarschleife, a place I didn’t even bother to try and pronounce, and were given a tour through the forest. It was a beautiful wooden path that didn’t require a lot of effort to “hike up,” which made it a lot more relaxing and easier to take in the beautiful views.
We learned about all the different trees in the forest, and it felt as if we had climbed all the way up them! There were many fun nature activities that taught us about the animals in the forest and the way the land has changed over thousands of years. It was such a family-friendly experience, perfect to keep all ages interested.
When we got to the end of the trail there was a giant tree top structure that was basically a five-story ramp. As we walked further and further up the ramp, the view became more breathtaking. On the first level of the ramp you could see a ton of trees and a small view of the river. As we kept making our way up, we were able to see a town emerge from the trees. We saw windmills in the distance and a boat floating through the river. The water almost looked like glitter was poured into it because of the way the sun was bouncing off of it. I could only imagine how beautiful that view would be during each season. The tree top walk was an easy adventure for an amazing view.
Students moving through the tree walk Students walk along the treetops on the ramp View of the river
When we made it down to the ground again we hopped back onto the bus to a little city called Trier. It was a small city but filled with years and years of history. There were so many places to eat, so many classic buildings to walk through as we admired the architectureand way too many places to order gelato!
We only had a few hours in Trier, but you could spend a whole day there shopping, eating, and visiting beautiful buildings and gardens. I had a great experience on my first MUDEC Discovery Tour and would recommend everyone take advantage of these day trips to discover more of Europe.
Group poses for a photo on the platform Students holding yummy fried food in Trier

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