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Katherine Peters weilding her hammer for Habitat for Humanity on July 12, 2014
Message from the President
Greetings friend, and welcome to the July edition of the Comfort Connection!
Pets can be such a huge part of our lives!  What happens when a senior has a pet and they are told they must move - and cannot take their cat or dog with them?  They experience yet another loss; the depression knocking on their door may find a greater opening.
Some of you will remember that I lost my beloved cat Max back in February.  The happy news is that we now have a lively little Westy puppy named Jack!  Although Jack will never replace Max, and is certainly not as cuddly as Max was, he has brought us much joy.  He’s got that feisty terrier ‘crazy’, but he’s so much fun!  There’s just something about the unconditional acceptance of a puppy.  It is so easy to get attached to our pets!
When our caregivers visit our senior clients, they are happy to change a litter box, or take the senior’s Fido for a walk.  We’ll even assist with vet appointments!  Sometimes, at the senior’s request, the caregiver can even bring their own dog to visit their client and they all go to the park together.  We realize how therapeutic a pet can be to someone who is otherwise alone. 

I think living at home with help is a much better alternative to moving into an institution for so many reasons, and pets is just one of them!

Katherine Peters
President & CEO
Comforts of Home - Care

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