November 3, 2020  
Please note, we are CLOSED this week.

#SipSonoma $5 shipping per case 

We will begin another $5 shipping promotion with customers using the promo code SipSonoma.
These are for orders placed Nov. 1-30.
YOU need to program your shopping cart to accept the SipSonoma promo code.
If you want to be added to the list, let me know by the end of today.

Are Wineries Open?

This continues to be the question of the day from customers calling or emailing us.  Please share this video, help us spread the word. YES, over 100 tasting rooms are currently open.

Virtual Wine & Food Affair 2020

If YOU are hosting a Facebook Live this weekend, please please please send us the link and time details, so we can share it on our website and on social.
Next week I will send out a recap of what sold, what our expenses were so you can see how it worked out.
In the meantime - if we owe you money for the wines we sold, please email the total amount due to We had agreed to 50% off retail and no sales tax (we sold it and collected tax). Many of you said you wanted to donate the wine, which is also GREAT, but I don't have a list of who said that, so please remind me.  I will send out checks this week.  
Debbie is out this week, so please send info or direct questions to
Wine Road Newsletter goes out this's the time to add any event or special offer you have to our event calendar...Happening Now!  This hits about 57,000 subscribers, don't miss the opportunity to connect with new customers.

These are the sign options we currently have in stock.

Let us know if you need us to pop some in the mail to you.
We are all frustrated with the current situation having Sonoma County on the “purple” level and not able to open your tasting rooms indoors.

There an issue you need to be aware of.
We are in Purple - no tasting in-doors
When rain comes, tents are not a solution as they can only have 1 wall, 3 sides need to be open.
When we move to RED - you will be able to open indoors with 25% capacity, but FOOD (a meal) will be required.
If we ever get to ORANGE - then you be able to open indoors with 25% capacity, but NO FOOD required.

Sonoma County Tourism is working with Public Heath to push testing and help us get out of “purple”.  This will only be accomplished with mountains of negative tests.

This is the ask from Tourism:

Dear Hospitality Industry Partners:

In accordance with the State of California’s tracking metrics Sonoma County needs to meet to move out of the Purple tier, Sonoma County Tourism, in collaboration with the Sonoma County Hospitality Association, has developed key action items we believe will help us do our part to aggressively act on behalf of our industry.

We request that you please look over these key action items here and follow them to the best of your ability.

In alliance with our AVA partners, we also will be mounting a local media campaign to get the word out regarding the importance of having all businesses and industries do the same.

Thank you for your attention to this critical initiative. Please let us know if we can do anything more to assist you. If you have any questions, you can contact Kelly Bass Seibel at 
Thank you to all of our partners, we apprecate their support during these trying times.
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