Combava - lovely, complex, sweet, rich, green, tart, juicy bouquet
Combava - lovely, complex, sweet, rich, green, tart, juicy bouquet
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November 30, 2015
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A single Hemlock, standing alone, with every curving line ridged with snow, through which the feathery green shines darkly, is a fair sight, a Christmas emblem, a tree of beauty. When the sun shines and the snow melts, a faint aromatic fragrance emanates from the dripping foliage, as if the tree were burning incense. This delicate perfume, full of soft suggestion, completes the charm of this wonderful tree, precious alike for nobleness of shaft and grace of branch and leafage, seeming forever to associate it in one's mind with that dear holiday of childhood, which is the solemn festival of maturity.
         ---from Garden and Forest, December 23, 1891, ed. Charles Sprague Sargent
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Combava Peel essential oil
Combava Fruit Peel
Citrus hystrix
Indonesia -  Organic essential oil

A lovely, complex, sweet, rich, green, tart, juicy bouquet with a soft floral undertone of good tenacity for a citrus oil. Used in colognes, citrus accords, high class florals as a topnote, chypre and gourmand perfumes.

Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood
Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood essential oil
Santalum paniculatum
Hawaii - wild harvest - Aged 2 yrs
Golden viscous liquid displaying a rich, sweet, balsamic, precious woods aroma with a creamy, spicy undertone used in
high class florals, precious woods accords, incense perfumes, sacred essences, etc 

Hay Absolute
Numeous High Mountain Grasses
France - Wild Harvest

A soft, suave, warm, sweet, dry, coumarinic,herbaceous bouquet with a dried fruit/jam-like undertone which is wonderful for rounding off rough edges in transitions. Used  in amber bases, chypre, high class florals, forest notes, colognes, literary perfumes, tea notes and fougere.  
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Fresh Ginger essential oil
Fresh Ginger essential oil
Zingiber officianale
Indonesia - non-sprayed

Vetiver essential oil Haiti
Vetiver essential oil
Vetiveria zizaniodes
Haiti -  Wild Harvest

Holy Basil
Holy Basil essential oil
Ocimum sanctum
India - Organic

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