Minnesota Coordinated Entry Prioritization Assessment Tool Work Group Update
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Coordinated Entry (CE) Survey Update
In May 2018, the Minnesota Coordinated Entry System (CES) Committee sent a survey to collect input from CE assessors, priority list managers, and others involved in the local CE planning and implementation process. It was an initial step to evaluate the Vulnerability Index – Service Prioritization Decision Assistance Tool (VI-SPDAT) and investigate options for an improved assistance tool that better serves Minnesota's needs. 

Over the past few months, CEPAT workgroup members, with the help of Mike Manhard from Minnesota Engagement on Shelter & Housing (MESH), worked to organize survey results and analyze responses. In April, the workgroup will distribute both a summary of those responses and the analysis of how those responses should inform the process and the work of the TA provider moving forward.

We look forward to sharing this with you and your colleagues! 

Technical Assistance (TA) Update
Start Date: Mid March, 2019 (estimated)
Potential Activities:
  • Phase 1: Assessment of current CE prioritization assistance tool and process
    • Review of documents (policies and procedures, reports, etc.), stakeholder interviews, and CE data analysis
    • Research tool options/models
    • Develop preliminary recommendations
  • Phase 2: Dependent outcome of Phase 1, develop and test newly identified/revised/designed tool and provide implementation TA 
    • Set up tool design and testing
    • Create initial analysis and refinement
    • Develop training materials
    • Develop transition plan
    • Provide support and TA to Homeless Management Information System (HMIS)
Engagement Opportunities for Stakeholders
In collaboration with the TA provider, the CEPAT workgroup will be looking to engage with CE stakeholders. This may include activities such as focus groups or connecting with those individuals who expressed in the CE survey their interest in being further involved with the process. Stay tuned for more more information.
Who is the Coordinated Entry Prioritization Assistance Tool Work Group?
  • Carla Solemn, West Central Continuum of Care Coordinator
  • Ji-Young Choi, Minnesota Housing
  • Jordan May, Minnesota Tribal Collaborative
  • Katherine Cross, Priority List Manager for Southeast Continuum of Care
  • Laura DeRosier, Hennepin County Continuum of Care Coordinator
  • Sarah Hunt, Priority List Manager for Hennepin County Continuum of Care
  • Swathi Mummini, HMIS System Administrator from ICA
  • Tammy Moreland, Minnesota Tribal Collaborative
  • Tom Balsley, MN Department of Human Services
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