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This winter term, we have 850 students traveling in 45 programs, with about 75 faculty and staff, to locations all over the world and throughout the United States. Where in the world are you spending January? Remember to share your photos with us on social media by tagging #MiamiOHGlobal for a chance to be featured!
girl holding Miami flag, glaciers in background
Patagonia Argentina
7 Miami students taking a selfie during their study abroad program in Peru
Nasca, Ica, Peru
Looking forward to spring semester, the Center for American and World Cultures will launch Voices of Discovery at Miami as a first step in embedding the theory and practice of Intergroup Dialogue (IGD) campus-wide.

Students can enroll in this 8-week, 3 credit sprint course for spring semester which creates open dialogue around topics of intergroup relations, intellectual diversity, free speech, conflict, and community. Faculty can choose to add their courses into the voices program as a faculty sponsorship.
monthly highlights

First-Year Student Helps Teach Miami Staff and Faculty Chinese Language Skills

Jingjing Luo was scrolling through her WeChat messages one day when something caught her eye. In a group chat of all the Chinese first years, she noticed a post advertising a need for students to help with a conversational Chinese course for Miami staff and faculty.

Worldwide Stories of Interconnected Lives

At this forum event, Miami students, faculty, and staff with worldwide experiences will share their own stories reflecting on how their cross-cultural journeys and intercultural connections influence the development of their sense of belonging to a larger community(ies), and influence the intersectionality of their cultural identity(ies). Space is limited so hurry and register now!

Submit to the 2019 IEW Contest 

We are currently collecting submissions to the 2019 International Education Week Essay, Photo, and Video Contest. All Miami students can submit about international educational experiences from any of the following terms:
  • Fall Semester 2018
  • Winter Term 2018-2019
  • Spring Semester 2019
  • Summer Term 2019

Lead International Student Orientation This Fall

Would you or someone you know like to become a leader on campus? Apply to become an International Peer Orientation Leader (iPOL) by February 10, 2019! Benefits include:
  • Make great friends from all over the world
  • Experience different cultures firsthand
  • Learn about leadership from the group up
  • Make a difference in the lives of new international students
  • And much more!
Staff Spotlight
Alicia Castillo Shrestha headshot
Alicia Castillo Shrestha
Center for American and World Cultures Program Coordinator 

Did you know these fun facts about Alicia Castillo Shrestha?

  • I was born in California and have lived in all three states that make up the west coast of the continental United States.
  • I'm one of six children in my family of 3 boys and 3 girls.
  • My partner is from Nepal and I've traveled there twice so far and can understand a fair amount of Nepali words and phrases, but want to learn more! 
  • As a university administrator, I've traveled with students to Europe twice, visiting 6 countries: England, Germany, Spain, Sweden, Czech Republic and Slovakia.
  • Prior to joining the Center for American & World Cultures, I worked at the University of Virginia's McIntire School of Commerce as a Career Counselor.
  • I met Dave Matthews after a concert in Portland, Oregon and he kissed me on the cheek!
upcoming events

Celebrate World Hijab Day on February 1

Celebrate and advocate for Muslim women’s right to wear the hijab through the shared experience of trying on a hijab and by sharing messages of support to the Muslim community and those who wear the hijab. #FreeInHijab

Celebrate the Year of the Pig with the Confucius Institute

Save the date for the Chinese New Year Gala! Further details and a program line-up will be available at a later date.
Looking for additional events? Take a look at our full calendar of events for an array of upcoming events and activities.
Announcement from the Oxford Community Arts Center
The Oxford Community Arts Center is bringing an international flair to their event...they are excited to announce that the theme for this Gala will be “Passport to the Arts”. As a key part of the event, they will be mounting a month-long exhibition highlighting world cultures from all seven continents: Antarctica, Australia, Europe, North America, Asia, South America and Africa. Would you like to contribute your artwork or artifacts? Please contact Elizabeth Birch (ebirch479@gmail.com) to get involved.
Daily Chatter: The World in 2 Minutes
Miami University has entered a partnership with an independent journalistic offering which focuses on coverage of world shaping events. The subscription is at no cost to Miami students, staff, and faculty. Learn more and subscribe.
global trivia
What city has the oldest Zoo in the world, and is still in use today?

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