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The 2024 KCMS Delegate Council Meeting 
📅 Date: July 24th  - Mark Your Calendar! 

🕕 Time: 6 – 8 p.m. 
📍 Location: Virtual (Zoom) 

Why Attend? 
Shape the Future: Engage directly in crafting solutions that advance healthcare.
Represent Peers: Be the voice for the needs and challenges in healthcare.
Build Community: Connect with fellow physicians, share experiences, and grow.

Some of this years resolutions include:
  1. Tackling Insurance and Corporate Intrusion in Medicine
  2. Reforming Prior Authorization Processes
  3. Firearm Injury Prevention in High School Curriculums
  4. Elevating Coroner Education Standards
  5. Boosting Funding and Incentives for Public Health Departments
  6. Advancing Continuous Glucose Monitoring
  7. Ensuring Equitable Distribution of Healthcare Funds
  8. Strengthening Liability Protections and Mentorship for Physicians
  9. Preserving Medicaid Reimbursement for Audio-Only Telehealth
  10. And more...

    Don't miss this opportunity to make a difference in the healthcare landscape. 
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Debate Sparks Over Surgeon General's Social Media Warning

In an op-ed for the New York Times, U.S. Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy calls for a warning label on social media platforms, highlighting their significant mental health risks for adolescents. Murthy cites data indicating that adolescents who spend over three hours daily on social media are at double the risk for anxiety and depression. Despite the potential benefits of social media, Murthy emphasizes that the dangers are urgent and require immediate action from Congress, akin to the warnings on tobacco and alcohol.

Murthy’s proposal has sparked debate. While some experts support stricter social media controls, others, like psychologists Michaeline Jensen and Candice Odgers, argue that the evidence linking social media to mental health issues is inconclusive and primarily correlational. The discussion reflects a broader concern about balancing the negative impacts of social media with its benefits.

Murthy's recommendations include legislative measures to protect young people from online harms, requiring companies to share health data and undergo safety audits, and encouraging phone-free zones and collaborative parenting strategies.
Read the full NYT Murthy article here.

Surgeon General Declares Gun Violence a Public Health Crisis

The U.S. Surgeon General, Dr. Vivek Murthy, has made a powerful declaration: gun violence in America is a public health crisis. This landmark announcement emphasizes the need for a comprehensive approach to reduce gun deaths, like the successful campaigns against smoking and traffic fatalities.

At KCMS, we have worked tirelessly to prevent firearm injuries. Our initiatives have focused on community education, advocating for stronger gun safety policies, and supporting research into gun violence prevention. We have collaborated with local health departments, law enforcement, and other community organizations to develop and implement strategies aimed at reducing firearm-related injuries and deaths.

Dr. Murthy's advisory outlines several key measures that align with our ongoing efforts, including increased funding for firearm violence prevention research, safe storage laws, universal background checks, "red flag" laws, and an assault weapons ban. Our commitment at KCMS remains steadfast as we continue to advocate for these critical measures. To learn more, read the full article by Ellen Barry in The New York Times.
Read the full article here

Exciting News:

KCMS Foundation Scholarships

Our Underrepresented in Medicine (URiM) Scholarship is back for its second year, and we’re have 25 incredible applicants from all three medical schools in Washington State! 🌟

The KCMS Community Foundation (KCMS-CF), a 501(c)3 entity, is dedicated to supporting URiM medical students. At KCMS-CF, we believe that diversity and inclusion in medicine are crucial to promoting health equity and creating better health and security for all.

✨ Why Donate?

Make a Difference: Your contribution, big or small, helps alleviate financial stress for deserving students.Your support can shape a diverse and inclusive healthcare future!

Pay It Forward: Remember your own journey? Now’s your chance to help the next generation of doctors!

🔹 Every Dollar Counts!

The KCMS-CF Scholarship Committee reviews applications from medical students attending the University of Washington, Pacific Northwest University of Health Sciences, and Washington State University medical schools. We consider factors like financial need, personal statement, academic achievement, community involvement, public service, and interest in public health to select one candidate per school per year to receive a scholarship.

💡 How to Donate? Click the link below to donate. It’s quick, easy, and life-changing!

Please, DONATE HERE 💖🎓

Thank you for helping us cultivate the next generation of compassionate and diverse healthcare professionals. Together, we can transform lives and improve healthcare.
Let’s make a difference—one student at a time! 

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Open to physicians, spouses, residents, and medical students interested in politics. Gain comprehensive campaign knowledge and become a valuable advisor. Sign up today to influence the future of medicine through political action.

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