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April 30, 2016
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Fougere Accord - Collecting Ferns
Fougere Accord
For a number of years I have been thinking of offering a natural Fougere Accord which perfumers could use as a building block in their own signature fragrances.

A classic Fougere is built around Oakmoss absolute, with Lavender Absolute and Tonka Bean Absolute completing the central chord. Many unique additions are possible, as the balance of these three wonderful essences has a universal aromatic quality that allows diverse essential oils and absolutes to blend harmoniously with it.

The rich herbaceous notes of Lavender, in combination with the deep sweet coumarinic notes of Tonka Bean Absolute, and earthy, mossy, forest notes of Oakmoss absolute is very elegant and is further enriched by a complex herbal bouquet as offered by Geranium essential oil or absolute.
Chinese Silk Vine
Chinese Silk Vine
Chinese Silk Vine essential oil is distilled from the roots of Periploca sepium. It is a rare and delightful essence, light gold in color displaying a rich, sweet floral (frangipani-like) bouquet with a elegant almond-vanillic undertone of good tenacity.

In natural nerfumery it is used in florals, colognes, sacred perfumes, garland essences, tropical bouquets.
White Rose Absolute
Rose White Absolute extracted from Rosa alba is an reddish-orange somewhat viscous liquid. Even though the petals are white, the deep gold of the flower center  and the pigments from the stamens, etc colors the absolute. It displays a suave, sweet, roseaceous, honeyed-creamy bouquet with a delicate balsamic, spicy undertone of fine tenacity. A fine warm radiance and ethereal quality emmanates into the environment containing the essence. In natural perfumery it can be used as a perfume in itself or in elegant florals, sacred perfumes, Oriental bouquets, chypres.
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Green Mandarin Fruits
Mandarin "Green" Heart Note
Citrus reticulata blanco
Spain - Conventional 
Turmeric Root
Turmeric Essential Oil
Curcurma longa
India / Conventional


Cinammon Bark
Cinammon Bark essential oil
Cinnamomum burmannii
 -  Organic

Insistent at the forefront of memory is the old lilac tree. Nothing between the sod and the eternal heavens so binds the man or woman to the golden days of boyhood and girlhood as the sight and scent of a spray of lilac. It is youth incarnate once more, irresistably calling, calling us back to the sunny days when all the world was young. It carries with it no suggestion of the future, of life’s sunset, but rather breathes ineffable companionship and sympathy. It says to us, "We were young together. Do not hurry along toward the valley and leave me. Be a child again just for a little while this afternoon, and let us materialize as we may the vision of the mornings whose sunrises were painted in the colors only known to youth.”
The Garden of Long Ago. by J. E. Harris
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