News and resources for PDX employees.
News and resources for PDX employees.
PDX People Recognized for Extraordinary Service
When they encounter a passenger in need or an unusual circumstance, PDX People come through with problem-solving skills, empathy and a constant drive to use and share their expertise.
To recognize airport employees who truly stand out as extraordinary, the quarterly PDX People Customer Service Awards ceremony was held on April 27. The PDX People working committee selected winners from each of the airport industries to win the exceptional honor of a PDX customer service award.
The stories shared at the most recent event had a common theme: Being knowledgeable, one of our core PDX People values. This doesn’t just mean knowing all the answers – it also means knowing who to ask for help, where to find resources and sharing what you know with others. Read the stories of our latest winners on the PDX employee website or watch the recording of the live event.
You can also nominate an employee who embodies the PDX People values and serves as a shining example of great customer service – submit a nomination now.
Nominate a PDX Employee
Evacuation Routes Get Update After Clocktower Plaza Closure
In an emergency, you need to know how to exit the building quickly. With closures and construction, there are some important changes to know about airport evacuation routes.
The emergency exit located between Badging and the Airport Operations offices is closed. Instead, use the emergency exit at the other end of the conference center hallway.
The exit route through the stairwell located down the hallway between the food carts and the former Beaches restaurant space is closed (pictured above). The closest alternative exit is via the bypass doors next to the D/E checkpoint. 

Outside gathering area
The gathering area at Gate B1 is closed. Instead, gather at the south trash node in case of emergency.
Use these pedestrian pathways instead of using the bag road:
Baggage claim (green) and the corridor east of the baggage handling system (blue).
Areas in red should not be used for pedestrian traffic.
What's New with PDX Next: Bag Road Safety, Restrooms Re-Open
Have you been on the bag road lately? If so, you probably noticed traffic pattern changes, increased construction activities – electrical work, steam vent installation, welding and more – and lots of construction vehicles and equipment.
To stay safe and keep the roads clear for those using it for work, please only use bag road if you are actively involved in baggage handling or have a work-related reason to be there. Instead of walking through the area as a shortcut, use an alternate pedestrian-friendly route through baggage claim or the corridor to the east of the baggage handling system/checked bag resolution area. 
On Monday, May 3, the pre-security restrooms by the B/C checkpoint will reopen. As a reminder, while the current all-user restroom on Concourse C is closed, a temporary location by Gate C12 was opened. You’ll see a new door and sign during this time.
We'll keep you in the know on what's new with PDX Next on the PDX employee website where we post updates every month.
Have questions or suggestions about construction? Email or call the construction hotline at 503.460.4339. 
Survey: Are You Interested in Learning More About Diversity, Equity and Inclusion?
Note: We ran this last week with an error in the link. Apologies to those who tried to access it. This article contains the correct survey link.
PDX is often the first and last impression guests have of Oregon and the Pacific Northwest, and one of our key goals is to ensure our airport is welcoming to all – airport workers and travelers alike.
Our ongoing desire to create an inclusive environment is also reflected in our PDX People core values: We're friendly, knowledgeable and respectful.
This quick survey is designed to gather your thoughts on topics related to diversity, equity and inclusion, which could include activities, conversations or even the formation of a resource group for airport employees. Tell us what you think!
Take the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion survey
We’ll Keep You Posted Campaign Springs Up Around the Terminal
You might notice that things are starting to look and sound a little different. There are walls where there weren’t any before, and you can hear construction noises coming from what was once Clocktower Plaza.
Feeling a little confused? Don’t worry, we left you a note!
On Tuesday, May 4, you’ll see a new campaign pop up around the terminal. Using giant post-it notes with doodle-like artwork and smile-worthy messages, the campaign aims to help keep employees and travelers alike smiling through construction impacts. And, at a more practical level, we hope the post-its act as quick hits of vital information that can prepare, reassure, guide and engage everyone at the airport.
Read the full article on the employee website and get a sneak peek at the delightful artwork and words you'll see starting tomorrow!
Bunce Painting Moves to Storage, Awaits Place in New Main Terminal
Last week, this 1958 Louis Bunce painting was removed from its decades-long home above Clocktower Plaza (and, before that, the Oregon Market) and transported for long-term storage. 
In the Jan. 19, 1975 publication of Northwest Magazine, Bunce described his motivation to, "impress rather than grab the hurrying traveler, so it should be very striking, handsome in color and design." Bunce went on to say, "My aim was not mere decoration, but decoration with content. I sought feeling, movement, color and shape without referring those elements to any specific object. And in portions of the painting, I tried to convey the feeling one in flight gets when looking at the flatness of the earth and seeing how everything twists and turns."
A work of art like this always has a home at PDX – it will eventually be re-hung in the new main terminal. You can read more about the painting and many other works of art at the PDX Art Blog.
NASA Takes Off from PDX
"NASA 802” is the callsign of a special visitor to PDX this past Thursday. This NASA C-20A is a Gulfstream III business jet that has been structurally modified and instrumented by NASA's Armstrong Flight Research Center to perform a variety of flight research missions in support of the NASA Airborne Science Program.
The crew was on a volcano radar mapping mission to investigate nearby Mt. Saint Helens and Mt. Hood and made a planned fuel stop at PDX.
Thanks to Port of Portland Airport Operations Specialist Tim Smith, who often captures aviation photos while on the job at PDX. 
TSA Extends Airport Face Mask Requirement Through Sept. 13 
The Transportation Security Administration is extending the face mask requirement for individuals across all transportation networks throughout the United States, including at airports, onboard commercial aircraft, on over-the-road buses, and on commuter bus and rail systems through Monday, Sept. 13. Read the full press release.

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