Available until August 31
Available until August 31
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Payment Plan Enrollment Period is Now Open
June 26, 2023
Dear Student,
We hope your summer is going well! We are looking forward to seeing you for the new academic year 2023-24 this fall. As you consider the best options to finance your studies, we would like to let you know that estimated undergraduate tuition and fee costs are now available on our website to help you and your family budget for the new academic year. You can expect your fall bill to be higher than your spring bill as the Activity Fee, Health & Wellness Fee, and Medical Insurance (if applicable) are billed in full during the fall semester. We advise that you account for these fees in full on your fall budget.
We would also like to make you aware that Tufts is pleased to offer a convenient payment plan option through Transact. You can use a payment plan to pay all or part of your tuition and avoid the high interest rates that normally come with a traditional loan. The payment plan will allow you to split your semester bill into five equal monthly payments.
You may sign up on a per semester basis or for the whole academic year for a total of ten monthly installments. Enrollment for the full year and fall semester plans is now open through August 31. The first payment is due July 15. Please note, if you sign up after the first payment is due, you will be asked to catch up on prior payments. For additional information and to sign up visit go.tufts.edu/paymentoptions.
As a reminder, Tufts bills are electronic, and students will receive an email once their fall eBill is available to view in early July. Students can grant invited viewer permission to other individuals (i.e., parent) to eBill and to receive notifications by following the instructions at go.tufts.edu/inviteviewers.
We look forward to working with you this academic year and best wishes for the rest of your summer!
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