Has Volume I left you wanting more? We got you!
Has Volume I left you wanting more?  We got you!
August 18, 2020
Announcing the Official release of Beyond the Barn: Volume II!
Honoring Intuitive Horsemanship & Giving a Voice to the Voiceless
Anna is launching her newest book, the second installment of Beyond the Barn!
Beyond the Barn Volume II continues the exploration of the unique and effective training methodologies of Anna Twinney, Founder of Reach Out to Horses.

Escaping traditional horsemanship, Anna followed the call of the horse and, once recognized as one of the premier equine professionals in her field, sought to create a gentler counter-approach to dominance-based, natural horsemanship.  Observing the whispers of the wild horses and mustangs, Anna discovered a silent and almost secret language, so subtle that it could only be seen by those who were willing to open their hearts and minds to listen.  Through this life’s work, Anna forged a new way of interacting, working, and partnering with our equine companions.

Beyond the Barn diverges from structured, linear systems of training into genuine, intuitive, collaborative horsemanship, and demonstrates how this individualized approach creates success for horse and human.  This pioneering work promises to challenge beliefs and bring forward a more evolved natural horsemanship methodology, exploring topics such as:

*Learning to listen and the silent and subtle language of horses
*Healing through hearing the whisper
*Taking your training, handling and riding to a whole new level
*Finding true Feel through innovation
*Igniting and increasing your intuition and connection to your horse

Take a walk with Anna through this paradigm-shifting collection of stories.  Through communication, connection, and collaboration each lesson will change your understanding of horses forever.  
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If you loved the down-to-earth and practical first volume of Beyond the Barn, get ready for the ethereal, the mystical, and the miraculous as you delve deeper into the life and language of the horses with Anna.  You'll find that while many horsemen talk about body language and "silent" communication, few of them are daring and authentic enough to explore bringing energy and telepathy  (two more components of the horse's language) into the conversation.  Let a master communicator take you on a journey during which you'll discover stories of animal communication and energy healing and how they touched the horses' lives along Anna's quest toward true horse whispering.  Let these stories inspire your idea of what is possible and bring in facets of horsemanship that you may have never considered. 
And for those of you who want more of the pragmatic depth from the first book, enjoy stories in Anna's life and work where she applies the methodology introduced in Volume I to help solve tough problems and change horses' lives one whisper at a time.  Whichever style you prefer, Anna brings them straight to you as she concludes her Beyond the Barn interlude, shattering paradigms left and right, and as always, giving a voice to the voiceless. 

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Here are just a few of the things that people have shared about
Volume I of Beyond the Barn:
"Anna Twinney, consummate horse-woman and expert intuitive, has put her own words and experiences into a book that is blowing my mind!  Chapter by chapter I am finding myself deeper and deeper into the language of the horse and surprised constantly by what I do not, correction, what I did not know.  Thank goodness for people like Anna who put their work into beautifully written words and a format that even a layman can understand.  My herd of 25 are thanking you already!"
With gratitude,
Marie W., CO
"I'm reading Anna's new book Beyond the Barn and wondering where she finds the time for it all.  I took a clinic with her over two years ago and since that day I have been craving more.  Now I have her voice and her wisdom on my shelf where I can keep it for all of time and refer to it as needed.  My Mustang and I thank you for all the work you do in the world and for publishing your work Anna!"

Kathy M., OK

"I never buy horse books.  I have found them confusing and often they don't give very good background information.  Lucky for me I have a good friend who bought this book for me when she learned Anna was publishing it.  I cannot say how happy I am to have this guide, not only the insights into the language that the horses use, but also the practical information that lives within these pages.  And it's organized in a way that makes it easy to find a chapter when I need a reference and when I'm working with my mare.  I've been told that this is only volume one of two so now I can't wait for that one to come out!  Maybe I will pre-order one for me AND my friend to pay her back for getting me such a great and useful gift of information about my favorite animal on this planet!"

Katrina F., ID
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