MAY 2016
It's Graduation Season
Parents provide the most influence on their child's financial knowledge, attitudes and behaviors. So whether your child just graduated from high school or will be home soon from college for summer break, now is the perfect time to help him or her learn to manage money and exercise wise financial decision making.
Planning for the Future
Your teen is growing up and thinking about potential dream jobs. Now is the time to start a conversation about the skills they will need to land a career that they will love. 
Need a conversation starter? Have your child take the Financial Identity Quiz to discover where they are on their path to financial independence.

10 Common Post-Grad Money Mistakes
Graduation is an important milestone that deserves to be celebrated. However, with it, now your child takes the reins of his or her financial future and independence.
Make sure your child avoids committing these common post-grad mistakes:
  1. Not taking the time to learn how to manage money successfully.

  2. Not saving first. Saving money is essential to financial well-being. Setting up an automatic transfer to savings with each paycheck assists in building a savings account before the money is missed.

  3. Overspending on credit cards. Building credit is important for your child's future financial goals, but carrying high credit card balances can lead to financial disaster. 

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