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MUDEC Méinden Spring 2020 #8
MUDEC Méinden Spring 2020 #8
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MUDEC Méinden-Weekly news from the MUDEC community for the MUDEC community-#lifelongMUDEC

Spring 2020 #8-#MUDECSTRONG Edition

 March 16, 2020

Class picture in front of the Château
Improvised MUDEC 2020 Spring class picture before the last students went home


This will be the last issue of the MUDEC Méinden with content from the BC era. BC  meaning Before COVID-19 of course 😀. While the COVID-19 pandemic may have cut the semester in Luxembourg short, MUDEC students were #mudecstrong in the face of this horrendous news and have now all arrived back home.
While they will continue their Study experience at home, and will no longer be able to Travel, this will hopefully not stop them from Engaging. As Kayla Jones mentions below, the MUDEC Méinden will continue to be published and we still do have some stories from this semester to tell.
That will become harder over time, though, and this is where the #lifelongMUDEC Community can step in. If you have any stories from your MUDEC experience, or if your class would like to "takeover" the newsletter for a week, please send any and all ideas and contributions to

Andy Adams-Editor

MUDEC Spring class of 2020: class shirt

Bottom Line: Corona Sucks
Moien y'all,
We had some good memories, some great laughs and made some unforgettable friends. We embarked to distant and magical lands, like Boot, fake Walmart and the seven kebab shops on every corner. Although our experience in Luxembourg has been cut short and all of our Luxembourg experiences that were to come, you will always be my class of MUDEC Spring 2020. We will always be MUDEC, the class of Spring 2020... the only MUDEC class who will have ever survived the Corona (insert round of applause, but please don't clap too hard, we don't want to spread the Corona.) Even though I write this with a heavy heart, but not too heavy because I've had Chipotle everyday since being home, I look forward to our reunion in the fall when OxVegas meets LuxVegas. Stay tuned because although this is äddi for now, and although I will not see all of your beautiful faces, well some, I will be here every week with our Newsletter (because Corona can't stop me) and I hope you will too. 
~Your Junior Editor,
Kayla Jones
  • MUDEC Profs in Action
  • Student Faculty Council Profile- Michael Barr
  • Lecture Recap-Minister Carole Dieschbourg
  • Farewell BBQ Recap
  • Differdange Open House Recap 
  • The Travel Times 
  • Travel Misadventures 

MUDEC Profs in Action

MUDEC professors are also engaged outside of MUDEC, and we highlight their activities here.

Anthony Smith-Meyer
Michael Schweiger

MGT 291 Podcast

Management professors Anthony Smith-Meyer and Michael Schweiger continued their podcast series this semester. The next (last?) episode is out now:

Semester 2 Episode 6: It's Bonus Time! Motivated?

Student Faculty Council Profile:

Meet Michael

Michael Barr

MUDEC first-year Michael Barr majors in Political Science. Barr is from Alabama.

1. Tell us a little bit about your position on the SFC.
I am the treasurer and secretary for SFC, which means that I am in charge of all finances and procedural matters regarding SFC functions. Whether it's pizza or powder, all purchases run through me. 

2. Why did you want to be Treasurer and Secretary?
Like any political science class teaches you, the power of the purse is important. Building budgets and exercising financial restraint is something I pride myself on. Therefore, I wanted to bring my experience to this position. 

3. What are you looking forward to most in your position?
Right now, I'm not entirely sure what there is to look forward to. But in a world of uncertainty, I know there is one thing which is certain. I'm currently home quarantined. 

4. Why did you choose to study abroad with MUDEC?
MUDEC is known for having a well organized and well established program that I wanted to be apart of. The network of host families and contacts MUDEC has attracted me to the program. I wanted to get a better grip on cultural understanding. I wanted to see Europe. And while the time was short, I did make serious progress in those goals. 

5. What is a fun fact that most people don't know about you? 
Despite being next to france, I never saw any of it besides the inside of the CDG airport. 

Lecture Series Recap: Minister for the Environment

On Tuesday March 10, students attended the second lecture of the semester where the Minister for the Environment, Climate and Sustainability, Carole Dieschbourg, talked to students about sustainable living, fighting climate change, gender equality and greater representation of women in official roles. After the lecture, students visited six tables where students from Dr. Roxanne Ornelas' Women, Gender and the Environment class presented a topic that involves issues surrounding women, gender and the environment.  
Dr. Ornelas, Minister Dieschbourg, Dean Leterre
Dr. Ornelas, Minister Dieschbourg, Dean Leterre
Santiago Puente, Kayla Jones, Annie Lalonde, Annabel Lane
Santiago Puente, Kayla Jones, Annie Lalonde, Annabel Lane
Students with Minister Dieschbourg
Students with Minister Dieschbourg
Students with Minister Dieschbourg
Students with Minister Dieschbourgl

MUDEC Farewell BBQ Recap

The MUDEC Spring 2020 Semester on the ground ended with an improvised barbecue on the back patio of the Château the night the return of the students to the US was announced. For those who had not gotten a flight out yet, it turned out to be a festive last memory of their time at the Château. Special thanks to Chef Stéphane and Nadine for improvising a couple of hours of overtime with no notice in order to make it happen!
Students at the last barbecue Students dancing on the patio
Stephane and Nadine cooking Students on the back patio

Differdange Open House Recap

For the third time, the City of Differdange hosted a reception for new citizens last week. The aim was to introduce the city and several organizations were asked to set up information stands. In light of the new slogan for Differdange, Different Together, MUDEC was proud to rep Miami at this event. And as you can seen, Dean Leterre could have left his hat on, but chose not to 😉.
Professor Briot at the MUDEC stand Dean Leterre's hat on the MUDEC banner

Travel Times

Welcome to the Travel Times, the section of the MUDEC Méinden that features students' independent travel throughout the semester. This week, we will be traveling to various airports and quarantined places around the United States because of, well, Corona.
Carly Davidson
Carly Davidson warding off Corona in O'Hare Airport
Making it home to Illinois
Carly Davidson made it home to illinois
Ryan Fair
Ryan Fair quarrantined from his family in a trailer in Ohio
Kendall Swanson
Kendall Swanson's family leaving to get food without her while she is in quarantine in Georgia
Maddie Milano
Maddie Mialno's family not letting her speak, even with a face mask on

Travel Misadventures

After students' first few weekends of independent travel, a few epic blunders are bound to happen. Although never expected and never wanted, we welcome them here. Next up, and continuing the tradition, is a MUDEC student who embarked to the United States, but first, spent her last few days enjoying Luxembourg.  
Corona and panic and... a relaxing weekend?
This MUDEC girl headed to the United States on Sunday after enjoying her last hoorah in Luxembourg.
Meet Olivia Casey and join her for this week's episode of:
My last weekend in Luxembourg:
"Thursday- got the email and first thought... oh I'm not leaving. I was determined to figure out a way to stay longer. After talking to my family it sadly wasn't going to happen and I booked a flight home Sunday morning. I still had a lot of goodbyes and places to visit before I left Sunday and had three days to do it.
Thursday I volunteered as usual at the social pantry and celebrated our last night at Boot! Friday I visited the international school I helped in and went to MUDAM and Bargello in Lux City that evening.
Saturday, I met my University of Luxembourg friends for coffee at Golden Bean and hung out with them in Esch. Lastly, stopped at the Château one last time for a goodbye and it was sunny of course!"
Olivia Casey with the children she volunteered with
Oliva Casey (pictured center in the red sweater) saying goodbye to the class she volunteered with
Olivia Casey taking one last picture of the Chateau
Olivia Casey taking one last picture of the Chateau
Odds and Ends
Birthdays This Week 
Have a Corona-tastic birthday! Wishing both of you a wonderful year ahead!

Macayla Temple (Thursday March 19)

Connor Manley (Sunday March 22)

Connor Manley
Connor Manley
This Week's Schedule

Monday: Online Classes

SFC Event: Monday Meltdown

Tuesday: Online Classes

SFC Event: Tuesday Time.. to Cry... again

Wednesday: Online Classes

SFC Event: Wednesday Whining

Thursday: Classes

First Day of Spring

SFC Event: Thursday Temper-Tantrum

Friday: No Classes... because of Corona

Château & Administrative Hours
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Château Hours

Monday-Thursday: 8:00-22:00
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Saturday-Sunday: Closed

Administrative Hours

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