Watch Chelsey flex and Noodle squish
Watch Chelsey flex and Noodle squish


Chelsey Brice Ad Person of the Year
Meet Ad Person Of The Year — Chelsey Brice  
We're feeling pretty smug over here at the Estipona Group. It's not every day one of your own gets named Goddess of Marketing – more commonly known as Ad Person of the Year. It's been a hot minute (23 years, in fact) since founder Edward Estipona was crowned, although, only figuratively, as you don't get an actual crown (and that is a real shame). Our very own rockstar Account Manager Chelsey Brice is the AAF Reno 2020 Ad Person of the Year for her stupecular (stupendous + spectacular, get it?) work on COVID-19 vaccine communications for Immunize Nevada and the Nevada Health Response. What she pulled off in the past year is pretty darn impressive, and apparently, we are not the only ones who thought so.  

Geeking out over tag management  

Do Google Analytics updates in your inbox get you pumped? OK, we know online data strategy is not everyone's thing, but if you operate in the digital space, you need someone on your team who makes it their thing. On Team EG, it's Sarah Nguyen. Join her on a deep dive into tag management options. Get Sarah's insight.   

It's a Bones Day!

Have you met Noodle? He's a 13-year-old pug who serves as a sort of Punxsutawney Phil for your daily mood. What kind of day is it going to be? Check in with Noodle to find out.  
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