Tons of holiday-themed training tips & more..
Tons of holiday-themed training tips & more..
Hello, Fellow Dog Lovers!
Happy Holidays! It's hard to believe that the holidays are here already. I'm writing to you from the UK, where I'll be spending the next few weeks spending time with friends and family. December has been yet another busy month for me, as I just finished up teaching my latest class of Victoria Stilwell Academy students at their in-person intensive here in the UK, and I look forward to working with another class in the US in just a few weeks. 
In this edition of the Positively Newsletter, you'll find lots of tips for the holidays, including answers to one of the most common questions I receive - how to keep your dog stress-free when guests arrive.  
As always, throughout this newsletter you'll find exclusive content and training tips that you won't find anywhere else. Hope you enjoy!
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Stress-Free Holidays
Stress Free holidays
Victoria's top tips for keeping your pets safe and happy this holiday season.
The holidays are a wonderful time to spend time with family and friends, but they can also be a challenging time when you have pets. Anxious or reactive dogs are especially prone to stress during the holidays. Here are eight tips for keeping your dog safe and stress-free this holiday season:

      Plan Ahead
      • If you know you're going to be having guests over, whether for a few hours or a few weeks, plan ahead.
      • If your dog is nervous around strangers in your home, set up a safe space for her to go to when she's feeling overwhelmed. This may be a small room away from guests, or a crate with her favorite toys.
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      Top 10 Q's Before Getting a Dog
      10 Q's Before Getting dog
      Are you ready for the commitment and responsibility of a new dog? Have you done your research yet? Check out my top ten questions to ask yourself before you add a new dog to your home:
      Do I have time for a dog? Dogs are fun and loving companions that can make a wonderful addition to your home. But if you work long hours or are frequently traveling, you'll have to consider options like a dog walker or doggie daycare. Dogs thrive on exercise and mental stimulation, so it's important that you don't bring home a new dog only to have him left alone with no stimulation for 8+ hours every day.
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      Victoria chats about one of her favorite treats to use when training puppies.
      When training a new puppy, it’s important to consistently reinforce positive behavior with an appealing reward. That’s why I choose Zuke’s® Puppy Naturals®. The treat’s combination of tiny size, healthy nutrition and convenience allows me as a trainer to reward pups frequently and feel proud of what I am feeding them at the same time.
      Made with the special nutritional needs of puppies in mind, Zuke’s Puppy Naturals are packed with protein, rich in Vitamin A and E, and loaded with DHA and EPA to help support healthy brain development. In addition, they’re made in the USA doesn’t seem necessary given the previous statement and completely free of harsh additives, preservatives, and the common allergens grain, wheat, corn and soy.
      The best part though is that these moist treats are so palatable, all it takes is one whiff and your little pup will be focused and ready to learn. Also keep an eye out for Zuke’s best-selling Mini Naturals®, available in a festive tree shape for the holidays, and their new lineup of Tiny Naturals®, which is designed for small breed dogs.
      Learn More About Zuke's
      Fido's Home Away From Home
      Pet Care

      VSPDT Abigail Witthauer gives her best advice on choosing a safe, appropriate care option for your pets over the holidays. 

      Every dog is different and, fortunately, there are many care options available for your dog while you travel. All of them have merits and it’s up to you to select the best option for your furry friend. Here are a few options:

      Traditional Boarding at your Veterinarian

      This is a wonderful option for pets who need extra medical care. While most professional pet caregivers are very comfortable giving daily medications and even injections; if your dog needs extensive care such as subcutaneous fluids or involved skin/wound/eye/ear care, your vet may very well be your best option. Many veterinary offices have built beautiful boarding facilities within their practice that have many of the amenities we will discuss further down in the list. Reputable veterinary boarding facilities can provide peace of mind for an owner of a special needs pet.

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      Helping Your Dog Feel Safe During the Holidays
      Help Your Dog Feel Safe During the Holidays
      Positively Contributor Maureen Backman gives tips to prevent and reduce your dog's anxiety over the holidays.   
      The holidays can be an exciting and festive time for humans, but for many dogs, they can be a cause of anxiety. It’s important not to forget your dog’s behavioral health during this time. Here are three ways to help your dog feel safe this holiday season:
      Create a safe space in your house
      Not all dogs enjoy being around a lot of people, and even social dogs need some downtime. If you’re inviting having family and friends to your home, make sure you create a safe space for your dog where he can take a break from the chaos if needed. Place his favorite bed, toys and blankets in a separate room and keep the space enclosed with a baby gate or door. Play soothing music in the room, and provide a work-for-food toy or bone while he’s there. 
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      Kindness is Powerful, Pass it On
      In Case You Missed It
      Did you miss it? Victoria's post about the retirement of a rescue dog turned police dog in Sacramento stirred up lots of comments and shares from Victoria's audience. 
      Emotions were strong from Victoria's fans all over the world. See more on her official Facebook page.
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      worth sniffing out
      New Positively No-Pull Harness
      Victoria has redesigned her popular no-pull harness so that it's now even more effective at stopping leash pulling. Plus, you can use use it as a super-comfy traditional harness, too! 
      Have you been listening to the new season of the Positively Podcast? Victoria and Holly are back to chat about all things dog! Now's the perfect time to get caught up on the newest episodes before they return from their holiday hiatus in January.  
      There's are a still a few weeks left to purchase discounted earlybird tickets for the 2017 UK Dog Bite Prevention & Behaviour Conference! 
      This unique two-day event is the UK's preeminent dog training and behaviour-related conference, featuring an incredible lineup of presenters. 
      VS Dog Academy
      Beth Duman VSPDT
      Earth Voices
      Beth Duman received her Bachelor's degree in Biology and has over 30 years of experience in canine behavior, physiology, and ecology. She has worked extensively with domestic dogs, wolf/dog hybrids, captive wolves, and has also researched wild wolves.
      Beth uses only science-based, force-free dog training techniques. 
      Need a dog behavior expert in Howell, MI? Get in touch with Beth today: 
      Find a Victoria Stilwell-licensed trainer near you!
      Victoria Stilwell in the Media
      Victoria was featured the Jersey Evening Post due to her ongoing support of Mr. Bronx, a dog that faced death because he looks like a "dangerous breed," and was just released back to his family.  
      Positively Forum
      Top Tip
      TOP TIP
      If you know you're going to be having guests over for the holidays, whether for a few hours or a few weeks, plan ahead. 
      If your dog is nervous around strangers in your home, set up a safe space for her to go to when she's feeling overwhelmed. This may be a small room away from guests, or a crate with her favorite toys. 
      For more extended visits, you can build a positive association between your shy dog and your guests. Ask guests not to directly interact with your dog; instead, they can drop treats on the ground when your dog comes around. 
      Dog Bite Prevention
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