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MUDEC Méinden Summer 2021 #6
MUDEC Méinden Summer 2021 #6
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Summer 2021 #6

June 21, 2021

Pre-Study Tour Edition

by Daniel Riecker, MUDEC Student Activities Coordinator
The long-awaited MUDEC study tour is finally here! Professors Elena and Juan Carlos Albarrán have been hard at work over the past few months preparing an itinerary that will bring the themes of their classes to life in a new setting. Here’s what they have to say about the tour:
“This week, the classes GIC 101 (Refugees: The Changing Face of Europe) and HST 296 (Travel in Cold War Europe) are combining forces on a nine-day study tour to coastal Croatia. The themes of the classes will be brought to life as students witness the post-socialist landscape and economy of the towns of Zadar, Split, Rijeka, and Pula. Local specialists and experts will provide unique historical and first-hand insights into themes of socialist state-building, political dissidence, the consolidation of personal power, and its impact on the lived experiences of everyday citizens. They will have a visit with a refugee family from Syria, who will provide insights into Croatia's new role as a host country for displaced populations fleeing instability and violence at home. Students will also enjoy tastes of the region's world-famous products, to see how Croatia's agriculture has gained renown in the global market. They will gain firsthand familiarity with Croatia's bounty of waterboth fresh and saltthrough explorations of two of the country's national parks.”
Stay tuned for more pictures and reflections in next week’s newsletter!
House of worship in Zadar, Croatia Building and canal in Zadar, Croatia Waterfront and boat on water in Zadar, Croatia
The town of Zadar, Croatia, our home base for the first part of the study tour.
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