Dear Parent/Carers,
Welcome Back!! What an amazing few weeks it has been - it has truly been a pleasure having everyone back in the school building, seeing all the children's wonderful smiley faces and chatting with so many parents & carers on the gate! The children have settled in brilliantly and they are already being so productive, thinking about their learning and enjoying being in the classroom together. I think the highlight for the children has been being able to play with their friends again - what a joy it is seeing them together again: skipping, playing football, and on the climbing equipment. It is important that they can socialise with their friends in school and that our younger pupils continue to develop their communication and language skills. Let's hope the weather improves and they can spend more time outside.

We are well into our curriculum again and finding out where the gaps are in the children’s learning, so we can put in place key interventions for those that really need it.

I sincerely hope that this will now be how we can operate and that any further lockdowns will be avoided. I am sure that there will be bumps in the road and we may have some identified cases in school that we have to deal with, but we will do everything we can to make sure the rest of the year is as smooth as possible for our pupils. For now, it is just so lovely to have them all back in school where they belong. 

Please can I remind all our families that if your child (or any of their brothers and sisters) develop EITHER a high temperature, a new persistent cough or a change to their sense of smell or taste then they SHOULD NOT be sent into school (all of the family should stay home but the person with symptoms should be tested) until they have either received a negative test result or have isolated for 10 days. You will need to request a test via the NHS website or ringing 111. I appreciate it is frustrating, but we need to work together to protect the health of all of our community. If your child is unwell but not experiencing any of the symptoms above, then we encourage them to return to school asap so we can support them with their educational progress.

Breakfast Club and After School Club

I wrote to you all recently about the primary school re-starting Breakfast Club and After School Club. To be able to do this successfully and safely we need to know numbers of children to expect – this is to ensure that we have the right size accommodation, numbers of staff etc. There were very few responses and I am unsure as to whether this is because places are no longer needed or if many of you did not receive the communication. I will ask for the letter to be re-sent and so if you do need a placement at Breakfast Club and After School Club could you please send a response.

Points of Information

Changes in Contact Details/Medical Conditions
Please remember to update the School Office with any changes in contact details and/or health needs or allergies your child may have. 

Please ensure that the school has a valid number to contact you on during the day.  If you are unable to access your mobile phone, please provide us with an alternative number in case of any emergencies.


Please can we ask that parents are considerate to our neighbours when they are dropping off/picking up their children, by not parking across driveways – including the driveway to the flats at the end of the school entrance.  Thank you.  

Our neighbours, like you, also have to take their children to school and blocking their driveways stops them from getting in or out.  We thank you for your co-operation.   

Pick up and drop off

Please continue to wear a mask, or face covering, at pick up and drop off, only one adult on site, keep your distance and think carefully about the impact on others that group gatherings on the playground and school path may have.
Anne Franklin
Head of Primary
 World book Day 2021
Another World Book Day has come and gone! This year things looked a bit different, however, the celebrations were the same! Children participated in fun, book-based lessons and activities both at home and in school. Teachers worked hard to disguise themselves in our Masked Reader special and shared their favourite stories. The children who were with us in school created their ideal bookmark. Please congratulate the following children who have won and have a look at their winning designs: 
Benas – Year 2 Koala Class
Emilia – Year 4 Kestrel Class
Eva – Year 4 Lynx Class
Their designs have been submitted to PTS for judging and they have the chance to have their designs printed and sold on the PTS website along with a £50 book coupon and £100 donation in their name to a charity of their choice. Stay tuned to see if we have a winner out of their 4 for the grand prize! 
Recommended Reads
Howl by Kat Patrick and Evie Barrow

This beautifully illustrated and moving picture book follows Maggie – a little girl who is having a really bad day. When shoes won’t fit, food isn’t right, teeth fall out and she can’t get to sleep; Maggie lets out her frustration in the only way she knows how – with a howl. What happens next is startling, life-affirming and surprisingly satisfying. A great book to read and discuss with EYFS children. With fantastic drawings, children might never look at colouring pencils quite the same way again, and this book is ideal for sparking emotional display artwork ideas. 
Alone by Barry Falls

This picture book tells the story of Billy, who is the proud owner of his own hill. Realising that an isolated life has pitfalls, he tries to improve his wellbeing with a madcap series of spontaneous fixes, including finding a cat to catch a mouse, a dog to chase the cat, and a bear to scare the dog. When it all becomes too much, there are thunderclouds on the horizon. With brilliant narrative illustrations and catchy rhyming verse, this story is perfect for reading aloud to children in KS1. 
Lower KS2
Vi Spy – License to Chill by Maz Evans

While Valentine’s former top spy mum and one-timed super villain dad divorce, a growing evil lurks in the form of an Evil Overlord who wants to take over the world. Will Valentine be able to save us all from certain doom? The addictive, fast-paced and funny plot will keep 9–11-year-olds mesmerised! A new hit middle-grade series in the making. . 
Upper KS2
Amazing Treasures by David Long

A sparkling compendium of treasures throughout history. Spanning different cultures, civilisations and periods in history, this highly illustrated non-fiction book is suitable for inquisitive upper KS2 children. Not only will it encourage further reading, but the concept of ‘treasure’ is defined and challenged to include not only antiquities such as the mask of Agamemnon and the bust of Nefertiti but also sacred artefacts including the Rai Stones and the Birmingham Quran, knowledge such as the Da Ming Hun Yi Tu map, diminishing resources such as the Arctic sea ice and the Perito Moreno glacier. 
Primary celebrated Red Nose Day by creating their own fabulous faces with red noses, take a look at their amazing efforts – well done to you all.
Writing Tasks
Year 1 has only just begun doing their daily writing tasks since coming back to school in March, and we are so impressed with how far their writing has come. There are some excellent creative ideas!
Everybody shared one word that summed up Forest School for them and what they have got from Forest School. There was a range of answers from peace, calm, fun, creativity, to teamwork and freedom. The children got in groups and collected a selection of natural materials from the site to create something together to reflect on their Forest School time. Some children created a nest to symbolise their connection with nature, others made the word teamwork out of materials with a smiley face and some children made calm garden sculptures. They shared their creations with the other groups and reflected on their teamwork skills in completing the task.

The children also learnt about the fire triangle and how to stay safe whilst using the fire steels.  Everyone had a go at using the fire steels to create sparks, which they really enjoyed. Even the children who were nervous to begin with, overcame their initial fears and were successful. 

We also had the opportunity to create a group fire and cooked drop scones with blueberries on it. Most children had a try and enjoyed eating them, even the ones that were a bit 'caramelized!' 
Sugar Smart Status

Throughout the past year, Alec Reed Academy have been taking part in different activities to try and get our children to understand why it is important to lower their sugar intake. We have had Fizz Free Feb, assemblies based around sugar swaps and even had home learning making yummy healthy snacks.
We are proud to announce that we are now officially a 'Sugar Smart school', well done to everyone involved! 
Reading Books 
Click HERE to enlarge
Ealing will be delivering in the Holiday Activity and Food (HAF) programme which is being funded by the Department for Education.

 Funds have been made available to provide free holiday provision, including healthy food and enriching activities!
The programme will cover the Easter, Summer and Christmas holidays in 2021. For a minimum of 1 week at Easter, 1 week a Christmas and 4 weeks in the Summer 2021, for 4 days a week for 4 hours per day.  

For more information and to view the Ealing Holiday Activities and Food Programme please click HERE

30 Day Fitness Challenge

Do you fancy taking part in an exciting fitness competition? Then, why not take part in Alec Reed Academy's 30-day fitness challenge? To complete the challenge, you must do one activity per day and tick it off the chart below. Once you have completed your challenges, please return the chart to your teacher! You will receive 5 personal points for completing the 30-day fitness challenge! The competition begins on 1st April. Why not involve your family and see who can do the best cartwheel or balance the ball on their head for the longest time!  

Please ask your parents to take a photo of you completing the challenge and bring it in to school. These photos will be used for a fitness challenge display and the school newsletter! 
Click HERE to enlarge the 30 Day Fitness Challenge 
Census Day Activities
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Easter Bonnet Competition

Primary took part in a lovely Easter bonnet competition. Well done to everyone for their beautiful, creative and colourful designs! See the winners below! 
Issue 88 - 1st April 2021
School Uniform Shop

The Academy is operating social distancing and has closed the physical shop until further notice. Parents are asked to use the Academy’s online shop, and information about how to use the online shop is below.
Items can be purchased online through our web site.
To see the online shop click here to view and order the uniform.
For detailed measurements for items of uniform please click here. If you need further information or assistance, please email

Payment should be made by credit or debit card, you do not need a Parent Pay account.

Once orders have been placed online, you will be notified by email when your order is ready. This normally takes 2 to 4 days.

YouTube new parental controls
New controls have been released by YouTube to give parents better filtering management. Previously the only filtering option was 'Restricted Mode' which basically meant videos flagged as 18+ were filtered out. Called 'Supervised Experience' there are now filters for:

    Explore - 9+
Explore More - 13+
Most of YouTube - all videos except 18+ (the current Restricted Mode)
YouTube released a handy explainer video which you can link to from your school website or share via your channels. The link is HERE.
School News App

To keep up with the latest news happening in and around the school, you can download our FREE school new app.
How does the app work?

Firstly, you will need to download the app from either the iTunes App Store, Google Play or Windows Store.

Once you have located and downloaded the free app, launch the app and you will then be able to either click on the ‘Find my school’ button which uses the phones GPS to locate all the schools in the surrounding 20 miles, or you can type in the schools postcode and click on ‘Get my school’ button.

Your school's postcode is: UB5 5LQ

You will then see a list of schools that use the app. Click on Alec Reed Academy

You will then be able to click on the ‘News’ button to view all of the latest news items that have been added to the school website.
Foundation Degrees at Alec Reed Academy, returning to face to face teaching as soon as restrictions allow

 The Learning Institute is now recruiting the next cohort of students for the Foundation Degrees at Alec Reed Academy. The Degrees allow students to specialise in Early Years, Health and Wellbeing in Society, Mental Health and Wellbeing and Inclusive Education, as well as the existing Learning and Education pathway. Details are HERE

Since March 2020 all teaching has been online, but the students have continued to study whilst working or home-schooling. The current third year students are completing the research for their dissertations, in order to graduate this year.

  These courses are an excellent CPD opportunity for TAs, support staff or anyone keen to develop their knowledge, understanding and professional practice in the field of education and welfare of young people, potentially with a view to becoming teachers. The course runs one afternoon per week and as a fully accredited university course, is funded through Student Finance England.

  Many previous students have gone on to teacher training, some in their current schools or taken on more responsibility as a result of increased confidence and knowledge of practice. Over 70 students from nearly as many primary and secondary schools have now benefited from study on this course.

  There will be regular information sessions over the coming weeks. Anyone interested can find these through the Learning Institute website Events page HERE
Home Corner
Giving you ideas for learning with your child at home
E-Safety Top Tips:
• Did you know the minimum age for Facebook is 13?
• Did you know the minimum age for Instagram is 13?
• Did you know the minimum age for Snapchat is 13?
BBC Schools
Search for learning games, activities, worksheets to help your child learn at home: Click here for BBC Schools resources
National Literacy Trust 
The NLT provides lots of great ideas for learning at home with your child. 
Click here for NLT inspiration and resources!
Associate Vacancies:
There are currently no vacancies available.
Governor Vacancy

We currently have a vacancy for a parent trustee (governor) in the Secondary Phase of the Academy, applications will be closing on 26th April. 

If would like further details or are interest in applying, please contact the Clerk to the Board of Trustees

More details on the vacancies section of our website.

Term Dates 2020-21
Click HERE to view term dates for 2020-21
Community Sports Centre
Bookings for outdoor sessions are now open and can be made via the Community Sports Centre email:
We will have more information regarding the return of indoor sports booking soon. 
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