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October 2021

Special Offers For 2022 Memberships

Lock in your 2022 membership to the Links at Mass Golf by taking advantage of these limited-time special offers: 
BECOME A NEW MEMBER: Purchase your membership for 2022 between October 18-December 31 and receive full member benefits for the balance of 2021, FREE of charge.
RETURNING MEMBERS: Renew your Membership for 2022 at The Links by the end of this year and lock in 2021 rates.
BONUS!!: Anyone who purchases a membership by the end of 2021 will be entered into a raffle to win a FREE 1-hour golf lesson with Head PGA Golf Professional Drew Chapman, to be redeemed in the year 2022.

Memberships may be purchased over the phone (508-222-0555).
Membership Information

Register Today For The Fall Classic

Enjoy the end of the golf season at The Links at Mass Golf. This 18-hole team event is open to all members, family, and friends and features lunch and prizes after golf. There must be at least one Links Member per foursome. 
Each team will be given either a Lemon or Orange Ball, and this ball will be played on each series of four holes by a different member of each team. Holes 17 & 18 will be a captain’s pick. You will record the score for the "Lemon/Orange Ball" for each hole. If you LOSE the Lemon/Orange Ball, your team is out of that competition but is entered in the One Best Ball of Four Bracket.
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Updated Calendar For The Links

A calendar of events for the 2021 season has also been added to The Links website.  Please refer to it often to check course availability and all golf activities.  
October Pro Shop/Golf Course Hours: (All days) Open at 8 a.m.
November Pro Shop/Golf Course Hours: 
(All days) Open at 9 a.m., Closed Thanksgiving (November 25).
CLICK HERE for a full list of golfing activities. 
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Local Rules Reminder

Seven dedicated golfers teed it up at The Links on September 27 to play 100 Holes in support of the Youth on Course Program, a national nonprofit that provides access to life-changing opportunities through golf by removing the cost barrier to play. Mass Golf has seen amazing participation in the program by kids throughout the state with over 2,000 Massachusetts Youth On Course members! Youth ages 6-18 are eligible to join Youth on Course for an annual membership fee of $15, which entitles members to play 29 participating courses in Massachusetts for $5 or less per round. Youth on Course members also receive full membership benefits with Mass Golf including a Mass Golf/GHIN Handicap.

Collectively, the YOC Team raised close to $50,000. What is also impressive is that they each completed the 100 Hole Hike in less than five hours (averaging 20 holes/hour).  JoAnne Gagnon completed all 100 in 3.5 hours (29 holes/hour), which includes a Hole in One on No. 7. Given their pace of play, please remember The Links’ local rule… 

All groups are expected to keep pace with the group in front of them. Whenever a group shall for any reason fall more than one clear hole behind, it is expected to invite the following group to play through. In the absence of an invitation, the following group may go through on request. Remember, your place on the golf course is directly behind the group in front of you, not directly in front of the group behind you.

An updated local rules sheet for The Links can be found on our website. Please review these brief summaries to make your round an enjoyable experience.

View Local Rules

Marathon Effort

On September 17-18, Mike Michel and Chris Carrier completed the 24 Hours of Golf Marathon at The Links for the benefit of the Attleboro Recreation Department Golf Programs. The pair completed 281 holes and raise more than $15,000, all in an effort to reduce the cost of learning to play golf in the Attleboro Area.

“It is nothing new or original to say that golf should be played one stroke at a time. But it took me years to realize it.” -- Bobby Jones

More Than A Sports Program For Kids & Teens

As the home of First Tee Massachusetts, The Links at Mass Golf provides many instructional programs for junior golfers throughout the year. From spring and summer programs to after-school opportunities, the staff at The Links at Mass Golf continues to introduce children of all ages to the game of golf by providing programs that focus on fun and making sure everyone enjoys the game.
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Drew's Tip Of The Month

The Moment Of Truth: Impact.
At impact, both clubhead and ball are in contact with one another for 3/4 of an inch and only 4-5/10,000 of a single second. If you want to increase your distance you can increase your clubhead speed or improve your impact conditions.

Assuming a square clubface and centered contact, increasing your clubhead speed by one mile an hour will give you an increase in distance of about 2.5 yards. If you miss the center of the face or the clubface is not square when the ball leaves it, all bets are off.

Where you contact the ball on the face will have a great influence on how far the ball travels. A shot struck one inch to the left or right of center will lose 14% of the potential distance of a shot hit in the middle of the face with a square clubface.  A 250-yard drive now will only travel 215 yards (150-yard drive drops to 129 yards).  If contact is more off-center the numbers drop significantly.

Learn to make better-centered contact consistently and you will be a much happier golfer. An easy practice drill is to place two tees in the ground a little wider than the width of your clubhead. Swing the clubhead between the two tees without contacting either of them. Do it over and over. If you can do that, it will greatly improve your ability to make centered contact resulting in greater distance and the outcome will certainly be impactful.

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