A visual self-accounting of the past year
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Dear Friend,
As the decade draws to a close, I was inspired to create a personal visual annual report of the past year.
I started with a timeline of highlights, and then mapped out some thematic chunks of data and anecdotes (with cute drawings, drawn on an iPad Pro).
In putting this report together I learned that self-tracking “the quantified self” is a movement that started even before this past decade. 
I hope to have fun with this exercise each year, into the new decade, to discover what insights emerge over time.
My 2019 Personal Annual Report
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As always, thanks for reading, let me know what you think and – see you on the other side of the decade!

Julia Reich of Stone Soup Creative is a visual practitioner. 

Some of Julia's current and recent clients include The New School Center for NYC Affairs, Hawaii Data Collaborative, and Association of Art Museum Directors.

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