Weekly Coach Newsletter - December 17, 2019
Weekly Coach Newsletter - December 17, 2019

Dear Coach,

Check out the latest NSDA news and resources below!

Earn a Free Student Membership By Completing the Intro to NSDA Coaching Course

Don't forget, you can earn a free student membership when you take the Intro to NSDA Coaching course before the end of the year! The course covers the basics of membership and is open to all member coaches. Please email a copy of your certificate to Lauren McCool at lauren.mccool@speechanddebate.org upon completion of the course along with any feedback and we'll apply the credit to your account. Log in, visit www.speechanddebate.org/learn, and select Enroll Now to get started.
Academic All American Award

Utilizing Peer Coaching

In the latest issue of Rostrum, two-diamond coach Erik Dominguez shares his experience with peer coaching and how it helped his team succeed in lieu of an assistant coach. 
"Do you know who watches more rounds than you do? Your students. Do you know who reads more ballots than you do? Your students. Do you know who experiences speech and debate more than you do? Your students. They are watching, observing, and analyzing at a much higher capacity than you are. They understand the regional and national norms, standards, and trends that are working and those that are not. When you put students in the position of leadership and coaching, you are also empowering some pretty amazing minds. Some of the best jokes, arguments, movements, characterizations, and moments came from students—not seasoned coaches."

Watch Demo Debates

Resource Package subscribers can enjoy a demo Congressional debate from the Central Minnesota district tournament and a demo PF debate and reason for decision on the November/December PF topic, Resolved: The benefits of the United States federal government’s use of offensive cyber operations outweigh the harms.

Interp: From Picking Pieces to Execution

Resource Package subscribers can pick up coaching tips in Interp: From Picking Pieces to Execution. This webinar is presented by 2017 Middle School Coach of the Year C. Ryan Joyce and covers selecting scripts, deciding what events to offer team members, blocking, and more. 
The Resource Package is a membership add-on available for both teams and individuals that grants you access to even more speech and debate training tools including 2019 final round videos, textbooks, webinar recordings, advanced debate resources, and more. 

All-Spanish Language Speech and Debate Event

The New Mexico NSDA District and Albuquerque Public Schools are exploring hosting a special all-Spanish language speech and debate event in tandem with the 2020 National Tournament in Albuquerque, New Mexico! All events would be in Spanish and would be open to all Spanish-speaking students, native and non-native. No qualification at the district level would be required. Please complete this survey to help the local hosts' decision-making process. 

Submit Suggestions on the 2020 PF Topic Area

The March topic area is Sustainable Development. Use this feedback form by December 31 to submit suggested changes to the starter resolutions, or to submit a new resolution under this topic area, together with an explanation and research links/citations demonstrating a robust debatable issue. Learn more »

New Blog Post: The Future is Accessible

The latest post on the NSDA blog shares how coaches Mary Rodriguez and Melissa Kelly of Peters Elementary in Broward County Florida created speech and debate opportunities for deaf and hard of hearing students at their school.
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Recognition Rundown: Celebrate a Commitment to Service 

The National Exemplary Student Service award is given annually to a student who serves their school, community, city, region, or state using skills they honed through speech and debate. 
Set aside a few minutes to nominate a student who upholds the highest standard of service, one of the core tenets of our Code of Honor, for recognition by January 21. Current member students of any age are eligible! 
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